Youths gather at Shahbagh on 'verdict vigil'

Youths gather at Shahbagh on ‘verdict vigil’


Youths gathered yesterday at the Shahbagh’s Ganajagaran Manch and demanded capital punishment for senior BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury for his alleged involvement in war crimes during the 1971 Independence War.There will be a sit-in at the Prajanma Chattar on today when the verdict is to be announced, they declared.
The platform’s spokesperson Imran H Sarkar in a status on Facebook wrote, “The international Crimes Tribunal will provide the verdict …. The entire nation wants … to get the highest punishment.”
For the last two days loud speakers set at important street intersections are playing liberation war songs, Swadhib Bangla Betra Kentra announcements.


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