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183 rape incidents recorded in October: Mahila Parishad

183 rape incidents recorded in October: Mahila Parishad

Dhaka, Nov 04 – The immediate past month of October has seen a total of 183 rape incidents across Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP), a rights body working for the women, came up with revelation on Monday. It also said 465 women and girls had faced torture and violence last month. The number was 521 in August.
The number of gang rape incident has increased in October. BMP said 183 rape incidents, including 23 gang rape cases, took place in October. The number was 232 in August. Among the victims, 7 were murdered after rape in October. Besides, at least 30 others became victims of attempted rape and 17 were harassed sexually, according to the BMB report.
It also found more than 45 women and girls were murdered in October for various reasons, while 19 were physically assaulted and 15 were abducted.
Among 3 women tortured for dowry, two died in October, the report added. A total of 9 women and girls were forced to commit suicide after being tortured while 53 died mysteriously.
In total, 5 child marriages took place, while 31 others were prevented in September, the report said.
Rights activists blamed a culture of impunity, bias on the part of law enforcers and the administration, social and political unrest, moral decadence and lack of awareness for the increase in violence against women.
However, in September the number of rape incidents reported was the highest to have occurred in any single month since 2010. In October the number of mysterious deaths has increased while the number of child marriages has decreased.
BMP president Ayesha Khanam said even though women occupied important positions in the country, women’s rights were not established. She also said girl children were not safe even in their homes. The law and order situation has deteriorated to such an extent that women now feel insecure to travel by public transport, she added. – Staff Reporter