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Islami Bank inaugurates sub-branch at Postagola of Dhaka

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited inaugurated Postagola sub-branch under its Shyampur Branch 22 March 2020, Sunday at Postagola, Dhaka. Md. Omar Faruk Khan, Additional Managing Director of the Bank inaugurated the sub-branch as chief guest. Presided over by Abu Sayed Md. Idris, Head of Dhaka South Zone, the program was addressed by Md. Mahboob Alam, Head of Agent Banking Division of ... Read More »

Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020

TOKYO (AP) — The Tokyo Olympics are going to happen — but almost surely in 2021 rather than in four months as planned. This became clear after the IOC on Sunday announced it was considering a postponement. Major Olympic nations like Canada and Australia have added pressure by saying they will not go if the games are staged this year. ... Read More »

Aussie Olympic chiefs advise athletes to prepare for 2021

SYDNEY (AP) — The Australian Olympic Committee is advising its athletes to prepare for an Olympics in 2021. Ian Chesterman, Australia’s team leader for Tokyo, on Monday said “It’s clear the games can’t be held in July” because of the coronavirus pandemic. “Our athletes have been magnificent in their positive attitude to training and preparing, but the stress and uncertainty ... Read More »

As virus spreads, next casualty could be Tokyo Olympics

TOKYO (AP) — As infections soared in Europe and the United States and the world economy spiraled downward, Japan on Monday hinted at the next possible victim of the globe-spanning coronavirus: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acknowledged that a postponement of the crown jewel of the sporting world could be unavoidable. Canada and Australia then added ... Read More »

Former Olympic swimming champion van der Burgh has virus

Former Olympic swimming champion Cameron van der Burgh said he has contracted the coronavirus and added his voice to concerns for athletes’ well-being if the Tokyo Games go ahead as scheduled. Van der Burgh, who retired from competitive swimming in 2018, posted a series of messages on social media on Sunday describing how he had been ill with the virus ... Read More »

Infantino eyes reboot for soccer to avoid crisis

GENEVA (AP) — The future of soccer could be fewer games and fewer top competitions to help avoid a financial crisis, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said in a newspaper interview published Monday. With soccer around the world in near-total shutdown and no end in sight because of the coronavirus pandemic, Infantino said the sport risked going into recession. “Maybe we ... Read More »

World Water Day India 2020: Top Positive Stories from Farmers

March 21, 2020 SANDRP The theme for World Water Day 2020 is ‘Water and Climate Change’. Indeed the changing climate has been altering the weather system in multiple ways. Extreme weather events like flash floods, intense heat, prolonged droughts, intense cold spells striking different parts of the world are increasingly being linked to climate change. Changing water cycle is a ... Read More »

Water resources essential part of solution to climate change

World Water Day: Often overlooked, water resources are an essential part of the solution to climate change On World Water Day, the United Nations launched a flagship report which says that reducing both the impacts and drivers of climate change will require major shifts in the way we use and reuse the Earth’s limited water resources. Read More »

Simple self-check for coronavirus infection

GreenWatch News Desk US STANFORD HOSPITAL BOARD INTERNAL MESSAGE, Read and understand The new Coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days. How can one know if he/she is infected? By the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lung is usually 50% Fibrosis and it’s too late. Taiwan experts provide a simple ... Read More »

করোনা ভাইরাস নিয়ে সরকার দলীয় মন্ত্রীদের বক্তব্য শিষ্টচার বহির্ভূত -আইএবি

ইসলামী আন্দোলন বাংলাদেশের মহাসচিব প্রিন্সিপাল মাওলানা ইউনুছ আহমাদ বলেছেন, করোনা ভাইরাস নিয়ে সরকার দলীয় মন্ত্রীদের বক্তব্য শিষ্টাচার বহির্ভূত। তিনি বলেন, করোনা ভাইরাস নিয়ে নোংরা রাজনীতি পরিহার করে দেশ, ইসলাম ও জনগণের কল্যাণে কাজ করতে হবে। তিনি এক প্রভাবশালী মন্ত্রীর, ‘করোনা ভাইরাসের চেয়েও সরকার শক্তিশালী’ এধরণের বক্তব্যের প্রতিবাদে বলেন, এধরণের বক্তব্য ইসলামী শরীয়াহ’র খেলাফ। Read More »