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‘Aatmishali Boishakhi Utshob’ at Amari Dhaka
Baishaki Celebration at Amari Dhaka

‘Aatmishali Boishakhi Utshob’ at Amari Dhaka

Dhaka, March 29 – Celebrate Pohela Boishakh with fabulous one-of- a-kind offerings at Amari Dhaka. The Amaya Food Gallery will feature ‘Aatmishali Utshob’ – 8 different cuisines from 8 divisions of Bangladesh. Prepared by seasoned Bengali chefs, diners can indulge on sumptuous Bangladeshi dishes authentic to the divisional regions from where they originate.The 8 divisional cuisine will be available for both lunch & dinner at bdt 2500++ & BDT3000++ per person with buy one get one feature applicable.
To add to the celebration, the Cascade Lobby Lounge will host a traditional Boishakhi Mela introducing more excitement to the spirit of Boishakh. The fair will include conventional activities such as Dhak Dhol, beagle sellers, fortune telling, bioscope shows, balloon shooting and other exhilarating activities customary with Pohela Boishakh. A mouth-watering selection of local finger-foods such as fuchka, chotpoti, deshi pitha, halim, jhal muri & others will also be served along the presence of refreshing mocktail stalls from 3.30 pm.
The Aatmishali Boishakh festival will take place from 12 th to 14 th April at Amari Dhaka.
Extravagant boishakhi themed décor will encircle all the happening outlets. Prepare to embark on a Boishakhi culinary feast. For details, please call 01878499999 or 01777770944. – Press release