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Amaya Kebab special buffet at Amari Dhaka
Amaya Kebab Special Buffet at Amari Dhaka

Amaya Kebab special buffet at Amari Dhaka

The most tender kebabs in town with five live kitchens
Dhaka, Bangladesh – August 2019: To delight buffet lovers with excitement and food varieties,
Amaya Food Gallery at Amari Dhaka is bringing back Amaya Kebab Nights with live grilling of
succulent lamb and chicken kebabs at its Interactive Dinner Buffet. With the introduction of Amaya Kebab Nights, guests can now feast their senses on the sight of the
sizzling kebabs served hot off the grill. Aiming to serve guests the freshest food possible, five live
stations with Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Italian cuisines along with the live kebab station
will be serving delicious dishes to satisfy the various food cravings for the buffet dinner. A team of
specialized chefs will be preparing food right in front of the guests and serve it hot onto their plates
through this interactive dining style. All the ingredients are carefully sourced, and that combined with
culinary magic leads to the creation of exquisite dishes for the sophisticated palate.