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Anh transforms cruise ship sun deck to catwalk
Models on catwalk

Anh transforms cruise ship sun deck to catwalk

New York – Fashion show production was taken to a whole new level last month when Jessica Minh Anh hosted an impressive sky-high ocean catwalk overlooking New York’s famous skyline.
Staged on the sun deck of the German cruise ship AIDAluna, J Autumn Fashion Show 2016 celebrated the refreshing take on fashion of a new generation of female leaders.

Nearly 100 exquisite haute couture and innovative designs from nine countries were premiered in what can only be described as a flawless theatrical showcase of modern excellence.
A perfect portrait of class and elegance, Jessica Minh Anh opened the iconic catwalk in a 50s inspired green velvet abaya with striking metallic buttons by Debaj Collection. Following the exotic beauty was a lineup of models showcasing artistic touches on Qatari traditional outfits.
J Autumn Fashion Show 2016 marked Jessica Minh Anh’s 15th high profile showcase since her history-making catwalk on the Tower Bridge in London.
The multitalented model and entrepreneur, who has continuously captured the world’s attention, has already started planning her next phenomenon.