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Anisul hopeful of Nusrat murder case appeals early disposal

Anisul hopeful of Nusrat murder case appeals early disposal

Dhaka, Oct 24 – Law minister Anisul Huq hoped that the High Court would also complete the appeal proceedings of Nusrat killing within shortest possible of time as like as the lower court delivered the verdict in the case awarding capital punishment to the all 16 offenders considering the gravity of their offences.“Now, the appeal proceedings of case would be settled at the High Court within short time. We will try to make ready of the death references as early as possible after reaching it at the High Court,” the law minister came up with the observation while addressing a press conference at his Gulshan residence in Dhaka yesterday afternoon.
He also said that the relevant documents of the death references of 16 convicts would reach before the High Court within seven days.
The law minister also assured the family members of Feni Madrasah student Nusrat Jahan Rafi that the government would provide them security as long as it would be needed.
He said that the government would take proper action against them, if any vested quarter gives any threat to the family of Nusrat.
Currently, a five-member police team of Sonagazi police station led by a Sub-inspector (SI) engaged for the security of Nusrat family.
“It is milestone verdict. Justice has been established following the verdict as all the offenders, who were involved in the murder of Nusrat, have sentenced capital punishment,” he said adding that it has been proved in the verdict that offenders must have to face music no matter how much powerful the offenders are.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led government has freed the country from ‘the culture of impunity’, he added.
In response to a query about the acceptability of lower court verdict at the High Court in the case, the law minister said that as per the country’s law the court initially give capital punishment against the offenders for committing such type of killing incident. But, if there is any mitigate circumstances existed, the higher court consider life term imprisonment, he added.
Giving example of old cases, the law minister hinted that the High Court may uphold lower court verdict for all except women, who have a child at this time.
In response to another query, Huq said that the special tribunal felt that the people of the country including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wanted to dispose of the trial proceedings of the case within short time. Hence, the court conducted the trial proceedings incessantly without any break after starting its formal proceedings resulting quick outcome of the case.
In response to another query, the law minister hoped that the courts would able to complete the trial proceedings in short time as the facility and other infrastructural development have been increased for the judiciary in the meantime.
Replying to a query, Huq said that after the authority will enforce the ‘Road Transport Act-2018’, road accident would drastically reduce.
He informed that the Road Transport Act has been made updated in order to bring discipline in the roads and to ensure transparency in getting license by the drivers.
A Feni court on Thursday sentenced all 16 accused to the gallows over the sensational murder of Nusrat Jahan Rafi, who was set on fire after she accused the principal of her madrasah of sexual harassment.
The ruling by the Feni Special Women and Children’s Tribunal judge, Mamunur Rashid, came six months after 19-year-old Nusrat’s murder.
On April 6, 18-year-old Nusrat Jahan, an alim examinee from the Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasah, was set on fire by people loyal to madrasah principal Sirajuddaula after she refused to withdraw a sexual harassment case her family filed against him on May 27.
She suffered burns over 80% of her body. She died 4 days later on the 10 April at the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. The incident sparked a nationwide outrage and a public demand for swift justice against the perpetrators. – Staff Reporter