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Asaduzzaman Noor to return to acting in Eid

Asaduzzaman Noor to return to acting in Eid

Cutural Correspondent
Famed TV screen actor Asaduzzaman Noor has not appeared before drama fans for two years. Even before that he rarely performed. Now he will reappear as a leading character of a telefilm titled ‘Jolchhobi’, directed by Hasan Rezaul. The telefilm, produced by Bongo BD, will be telecasted on NTV during Eid-ul-Azha.

Noor will be seen as a poet, who in his old age gets lost in musings about society and his personal emotions. Other actors of the drama are Jyoti Sinha as Noor’s wife and Tarin as his personal assistant.
In the drama the mentally lost Noor will fall in love with a lady. The lady is no one but his assistant. But the problems are- Asaduzzaman is married and his young assistant loves a young man. At this point, his personal dilemmas will only be resolved in Eid.
Shubhashish Sinha has written the script. Rezaul claims that as soon as he procured the script from Sinha he envisioned Asaduzzaman Noor as the lead character.
Former cultural minister Asaduzzaman Noor has been popularly known as Baker Bhai for his appearance in Humayun Ahmed’s drama series ‘Kothao Keu Nei’ from 1990. But he has been predominantly absent from the screen since the 90s. Two years ago he made a sudden reappearance under the direction of Humayun Ahmed’s son Nuhas Humayun in ‘Hotal Albatross.’ However, he went silent again.