Wednesday , April 1 2020
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ATM Shamsuzzaman receives Bulbul Ahmed Memorial Award

ATM Shamsuzzaman receives Bulbul Ahmed Memorial Award

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To commemorate the legacy of Mahanayak Bulbul Ahmed his family members and Bulbul Ahmed Foundation every year awards a film figure of the country on the day of his death anniversary, which was yesterday. This year the award went to ATM Shamsuzzaman. ATM Shamsuzzaman is at present under medical care at Bangabandhu Medical College and Hospital, Shahbagh in the city. Thus this year’s awarding ceremony was unique.
With due solemnity Daisy Ahmed, wife of Bulbul Ahmed and Tahsin Farzana Tilottoma, daughter of the late actor handed over the award to ATM Shamsuzzaman at his hospital cabin on July 14. At that moment ATM Shamsuzzaman’s wife, daughter, granddaughter and other members of the family were also present. Runi Zaman, wife of ATM Shamsuzzaman has confirmed that the actor is now keeping in good health but the family has still kept him at hospital for care.
After receiving the award ATM Shamsuzzaman reflected that if one should wish to witness a truly good person he or she should visit Bulbul Ahmed. Bulbul Ahmed was not only a gentleman but a complete person, those who could not see him in his lifetime should watch his films, ATM Shamsuzzaman noted.