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Attorney General for improving education quality
Mahbubey Alam Attorney General

Attorney General for improving education quality

Dhaka, Aug 11 – Attorney General Mahbubey Alam on Saturday said that the nation would not develop until the development in terms of education quality and dignity of teachers. He also said that the education system of the country is very much poor that why the students did not know the history of the nation as well as they even compete with the other country’s students.
“I have asked the students of class nine of 29 schools of Munshiganj about the name of Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman’s family members, who were killed on August 15 in 1975. But, it is very unfortunate that none of the students able to tell me the two or three names. The students could not also tell about the seven names of Bir Shreshtha and other important lessons of the history of the country,” the chief law officer of the state made the observations while discussing with the headmasters of 29 high schools of the Munshiganj district.
The chief law officer attended as a chief guest at a programme organized under the titled “Art competition of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Picture” on the occasion National mourning day to be held on August 15 across the country.
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam organized the competition programme for students of class six to ten of the 30 high schools of Munshiganj where a total of 90 students took part in the competition. A total of Tk 105000 distributed among six winners of the competitors. The first prize money was Tk 30 thousand while the second was Tk 25 thousand and third was Tk 20 thousand and the rest of prize money distributed among three other winners.
In the competition programme, all students and teachers of the 29 high schools among 30 high schools of the Munshiganj took part in the ceremony spontaneously while the leaders and activists of Awami League and Chhatra League gathered in the premises of Baligaon Women High School where the competition programme was held.
After reaching the Baligaon Women High School premise, the AG held the courtesy meeting with the teachers, guardian and common people, who welcomed Mahbubey Alam.
Later, the AG held meeting with the all headmasters of the 29 high schools where teachers urged the AG to formulate a teachers welfare fund so that the teachers could receive some money during their critical time.
In his address, Alam told the teachers to develop their quality for the greater interest of the education sector as without the development of the teachers’ quality the nation would not make development.
Referring the teachers statement that the teachers had to wait a lot of time—five to six years—for getting their retirement benefit due to the various problems including corruption, the chief law officer of the state said that it is very unfortunate that allegations of corruption is being heard against a part of the education sector while there was no allegation against another part of the education sector.
The system in the education sector should be developed so that none can able to involve into corruption.
The competition was started at 12.15pm and ended 1.15pm and before that, the chief law officer of the state with the assistant of the teachers distributed the instrument of the competition to the competitors. After ending the time, the AG collected all the copies from the competitors and gifted two books named ‘Unfinished life history of Bangabandhu’ and ‘Bangabandhu—Shadesher Paticchobi’ to all competitors.
During the prize-giving ceremony, Tongibari Upazila Nirbahi officer Hasina Akhtar urged the AG to give two dictionaries of Bangla and English for each student of the 30 high schools of Munshiganj so that they can skill their language capacity.
In the chief guest address, the AG said that he was happy after the successful completion of the competition and he assured the teachers to lay down his assistance for the development of the education.
The AG also assured UNO to give the dictionaries for the development of the students’ quality.
Finally, the chief law officer of the state sought cooperation from the people of all strata of life so that he can serve the people after getting the nomination from Awami League party.
All speakers in the progamme praised the AG for taking an innovative programme for the development of the students’ quality.
Munshiganj Upazila AL president Jogll Haider Vutu, Mozammel Commander and Dr Abu Yusuf Fakir were also addressed among others in the programme. –Staff reporter