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WHO: Leaders call COVID-19 vaccines a “global public good”

Geneva, 19 May (TWN) – Several world leaders, speaking at the opening of the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) on Monday, referred to future COVID-19 vaccines as a “global public good”, but the resolution on the COVID-19 response that was adopted on Tuesday failed to reflect this vital concept. The 73rd WHA is taking place as a virtual meeting on ... Read More »

Rain, gusty winds in Bangladesh coast as Cyclone Amphan hits

The super cyclone ‘Amphan’ over west-central bay and adjoining area moved north-northeastwards as an extremely severe cyclonic storm after slightly weakening. Under its influence, the coastal districts of Bangladesh started experiencing rain accompanied with gusty or squally winds from late Tuesday afternoon, according to reports received in Dhaka. Read More »

বাজেটে দরিদ্র মা’দের জন্য বরাদ্দ দাবি করেছে ডরপ

করোনা পরিস্থির কারণে দারিদ্র্র্যের হার বৃদ্ধির সম্ভাবনা রয়েছে এমন আশঙ্কা করে দারিদ্র বিমোচনে আসছে ২০২০-২১ অর্থ বছরের প্রস্তাবিত বাজেটে দরিদ্র মা’দের জন্য বাজেট বরাদ্দ দাবি করেছে বেসরকারি সংস্থা ডরপ। Read More »

Sans universal health care we’re sitting ducks for pandemics

By Siddharth Chatterjee NAIROBI, Kenya, May 14 2020 (IPS) – We live in a different world to the one we inhabited six short months ago. With more than 4 million people infected and over 280,000 dead globally by mid-May 2020, Covid-19 has ruthlessly exposed the vulnerability of a globalised world to pandemic disease. People are slowly coming to terms with ... Read More »

Coronavirus leads to nosedive in Latin America remittances

By Humberto Márquez CARACAS, May 18 2020 (IPS) – Remittances that support millions of households in Latin America and the Caribbean have plunged as family members lose jobs and income in their host countries, with entire families sliding back into poverty, as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis and global economic recession. Read More »

Super Cyclone Amphan comes closer to Bangladesh coast

Dhaka, May 19 – The peripheral winds of the very severe cyclonic storm Amphan have already started hitting the Bangladesh coasts blowing its clouds that are causing rainfall. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has said the destructive cyclone may grow more severe and cross the coast between Khulna and Chittagong Tuesday night with windspeed up to 185 kilometres per hour. Read More »

Severe cyclone changes course, to cross BD coast late 19 May

Dhaka, May 18 – The cyclonic storm “Amphan” over Southeast Bay and adjoining area moved northwards and intensified into a Very Severe Cyclone Storm over West-central Bay and adjoining South Bay (near Lat 13.4° N & long 86.4° E) 06 AM today (18 may, 2020), according to a forecast made by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department. Read More »

Albeiro Vargas: a must watch family documentary

If you are not moved by the content of this documentary, check your pulse to see if you are alive Sir Frank Peters And now here’s something that offers respite from the depressing Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic reports… and hope for humanity. It’s delivered in litre-size Albeiro Vargas, an extraordinary 9-year-old from Colombia. Read More »

Covid-19: Equitable access to tech, medical tools must- CSOs

Open letter to UNITAID, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its member states Civil society concerns regarding lack of governance mechanisms and binding commitments for equitable access and sharing of technology, knowledge and data, management and licensing of intellectual property for medical tools needed for COVID-19 detection, prevention and treatment. Read More »

Corona Pandemic and the Workers

M Zahidul Haque DURING this Corona pandemic if one asks a worker-“How are you doing in this corona pandemic?” One would get a common reply with a set of problems—“Not so well; not yet received salary, under landlord’s pressure for paying the house rent, having difficulties to make ends meet!” Read More »

Missing out on a dinner

Sudhirendar Sharma In the absolute silence enforced by the invisible coronavirus, the thub-thub of my own chest has become a metronome of interesting revelations. I recall how small odours of spices were infused by a clutch of magazines for emerging middle-class readers in the early years of the post-independent era. Rich in contents and editorial gravitas, these magazines had promoted ... Read More »

COVID-19: Online classes bring social divide to the fore

Khulna, May 17 – The government’s decision to run distance-learning programmes after it shut down educational institutions amid coronavirus outbreak is gradually bringing out the social disparity. Only students with smartphones and digital devices equipped with internet connections are able to take advantage of the online classes, leaving behind those from poor families. Read More »

Global coronavirus deaths 313,220, infections 4.72 million

Dhaka, May 17 – The number of officially confirmed coronavirus cases is getting closer to five million. On Sunday morning, the cases stood at 4.72 million, according to Worldometer. So far, the virus has killed 313,220 people and the death toll is feared to rise as another 44,827 of those infected remain in critical condition. Read More »

Freedom of religion and the Covid-19 pandemic

By Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi Any place on earth can be a mosque and prayer can be offered wherever there is the presence of God. The movement restriction order is preventing us from going outside but it does not prevent us from going within the recesses of our soul to discover the untapped spiritual force within. Read More »

করোনা পরিস্থিতিতে সকলস্তরের কর্মহীনদের জন্য জরুরী ভাতা দিন

মানবিক কারণে ও দুর্দশা লাঘবে করোনা পরিস্থিতিতে সকল শ্রেণীর কর্মহীন শ্রমিকদেরকে ১৫ হাজার টাকা করে এককালীন সহযোগিতা করার আহ্বান জানিয়েছে ইসলামী আন্দোলন বাংলাদেশের আমীর মুফতী সৈয়দ মুহাম্মদ রেজাউল করীম পীর সাহেব চরমোনাই। Read More »

Vitamin not a ‘miracle cure’ but may fight Covid-9

A new study from researchers at Trinity College Dublin has hypothesized that vitamin D deficiency may be linked to higher mortality rates from COVID-19. Published in the Irish Medical Journal, the report analyzed vitamin D levels of older people in countries heavily affected by the coronavirus and found that places with high death rates from COVID-19, including Italy and Spain, ... Read More »

Nature is our best antiviral

By Enric Sala WASHINGTON, DC – The Seychelles, a string of 115 verdant, rocky islands in the Indian Ocean, recently announced – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic – that it would protect 30% of its glittering turquoise waters from commercial use. Safeguarding some 410,000 square kilometres (158,000 square miles) of the sea will benefit wildlife on the shore ... Read More »

COVID-19 is clarifying the climate challenge

By Olivia Macharis and Nadim Farajalla BEIRUT – The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the fragility of the world order. Governments have sought to limit the spread of the virus through lockdowns and travel restrictions, which have stalled economies and created a global recession. Poorer countries, lacking the resources and resilience to mitigate the pandemic, will be hit hardest. Like climate ... Read More »

Modern slavery in Asia Pacific fuelled by poverty, migration

By Neena Bhandari SYDNEY, Australia, May 15 2020 (IPS) – Aged 17, Moe Turaga was saddled with the responsibility of providing for his mother and young siblings when a family member approached him with the promise of a job and education in Australia. Dreaming of a bright future for himself and his family, he seized the opportunity and left the ... Read More »