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Baby photography exhibition at Drik Gallery

Baby photography exhibition at Drik Gallery

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Newborn Photography is a widely popular service in the world. In Bangladesh, newborn photography is still an out of focus area. Considering the demand of newborn photography in Bangladesh, Baby Pixels started its journey in 2016 with a bunch of experienced photographers and artists. They started capturing the photos of newborns in a thematic way using different concepts. They have been doing it successfully for more than two years now, blending the western styles of baby photography with Bangladeshi themes.
With their creative works which has been done over the last two years, Baby Pixels arranged the first ever baby photography exhibition in Bangladesh at the Drik Gallery of Dhanmondi, Dhaka from December 7 to December 8. There was an online quiz launched before the event. Winners of the online quiz will get a free Birthday Photo shoot for their Babies from Baby Pixels. Moreover, those who participated in the competition got a 10% discount card for any service from Baby Pixels. In the event, Baby Pixels designed beautiful sets where the participants could enjoy free photography service.
Anika Rahman, Co-founder of Baby Pixels, talked to us why she started this unique initiative. She said “Baby Photography was always there in Bangladesh, just the style was different. In our childhood, our parents used to take us to the photo studios, to take beautiful pictures in front of flower garden wallpapers. Now the time has changed, the style has changed, but the need is still there. People now want to capture the memories of this beautiful period of time, starting from pregnancy to toddler years. These precious memories mean a lot to them. Baby Pixels is just trying to help the parents capture these precious memories in a creative way.”
A lot of people attended the exhibition for both of the days. Everybody congratulated Baby Pixels for taking such an initiative in our country. Apart from the new parents and customers, a lot of old clients also attended the event and made it a success. All the parents thanked the Baby Pixels team and inspired to move forward in future. Baby Pixels team members also expressed their gratitude towards all the attendees of the event.
The artist team of Baby Pixels consists of real life moms, who know the priorities of babies and how to photograph them with proper care. The unique ideas of thematic photography and Nap-time photography have given a new dimension, which is very uncommon in the photography industry of Bangladesh. Starting from the concept of village Cowboy or Bride to Marvel’s super heroes or Disney’s characters, Baby Pixels can shape your imagination with your baby come true using their art skills and set design. Apart from the artist team, Baby Pixels have a team of young photographers who are already renowned in the industry for their beautiful works.