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Bangladesh among lowest meat-consuming nations

Bangladesh among lowest meat-consuming nations

In a shocking revelation by a 2009 report by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, Bangladesh ranks among the topmost vegetarian country across the globe, where less than four kilos of meat are consumed by an individual annually, in an average.

Bangladesh is understandably ranked alongside India, thanks to their cow reverence – followed by Burundi, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Mozambique, Gambia and Malawi.The United States tops the list of meat consumers, followed by the Middle Eastern state of Kuwait, Australia, the Bahamas, Luxembourg and more. An average American consumes over a whopping 120.2 kilos worth of red meat annually.It is interesting to note that several of the most meat-hungry countries are also among the most obese. The US is 12th in that respect, Kuwait 9th, the Bahamas 10th, New Zealand 24th and Australia 26th.Bangladesh’s topping as most vegetarian nation as of 2009 can be considered ironical as local and international reports were made during the Eid Ul Azha holidays, where the waterlogged streets of the city’s Shantinagar area, caused by heavy downpour of rain – sparked unverified reports of ‘Rivers of Blood in Dhaka’.The Indian branch of the Huffington Post, on Friday, published a report criticising the reports for not verifying or authenticating the findings, attracting readers by using ‘Clickbait Journalism’.