Tuesday , July 14 2020
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BD solar module manufactures demand market protection

BD solar module manufactures demand market protection

Country’s solar module manufactures have placed a 7-point demand, including introduction of 30 percent mandatory quota system for the use of local products in the public projects.Placing the demands, the leaders of Solar Module Manufacturers Association (SMMAB), a representing body of the sector, said their industry has grown up to a level that they can now meet the entire demand of the country.
“But if there’s no policy support from the government, many manufacturers will be discouraged to continue their growth,” said Munawar Moin, president of the SMMAB, while addressing a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club on Sunday.
He, however, thanked the government for its support with cash incentives for PV module exports, but said currently, they have been facing an uneven competition at home for imported panels without maintaining any standard and quality.
Golam Baki Masud, general secretary of the SMMAB, read out a statement and placed the demands of the association while other leaders of the organisation were present on the occasion.
The other points of the demand include setting up a testing lab for solar panels and other related products, expediting the government’s move to replace 1.34 million diesel-run irrigation pumps with solar-run ones, and rollout of annual target-based rooftop solar on all government facilities, planned rollout of mini grid in identified 1000 villages where grid electricity will not reach, 10-15 years bank loan at 5 percent interest rate as green industry, regular stakeholder meeting at ministries concerned in every three months, ensuring at least 15 percent duty gap between import of raw materials and finished products, incorporating representatives of SMMAB in different committees of Sreda and other ministries concerned, and financial incentives for users of solar power.
The leaders said some nine companies are now having capacity to produce solar panels equivalent to about 100 MW against the current annual demand of similar level.
In this case, due to the uneven competition from cheap importers for panels from China and India, some of the companies either keep their production capacity unutilized or some use the capacity to export their products.
The huge foreign solar panels are being imported compromising with the standard and quality for lack of quality control mechanism, they said urging the government to take measures to check this entrance of substandard products.
They said the government has set a target of generating 10 percent electricity from renewable energy by 2020 which means at least 2000 MW of power should come from renewable sources.
But so far only 600MW electricity is coming from renewable sources and maximum is from solar home system which now the biggest programme with installing 6.4 million panels.
In such a situation, the SMMAB leaders said the government and private sector should work together to achieve the goals, reports UNB.