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Bridegroom braves rain and flood to live up to word
The bridegroom rode a raft and on the back of one of his companions to the house of his would-be bride during the flood. Photo: UNB

Bridegroom braves rain and flood to live up to word

Sylhet, July 13 (UNB) – “But I have promises to keep,” is probably what echoed in the mind of young bridegroom Rubel Ahmed when he set out for the house of his would-be bride in a nearby village.

It rained incessantly and everything was under water but nothing could stop this young man from keeping his word. Rubel of Nijpat Ujaninagar village in Jaintaipur upazila would not postpone his marriage, no matter what happened.

Roads went under water and hundreds of houses were flooded after days of torrential rain and onrush of water. But life moved on, showcasing the resilient capabilities of the people during the time of natural calamities.

The upazila administration said most of the houses in six unions of Jaintiapur upazila were flooded. People used boats and rafts to move from one place to another.

It was on Friday that people were treated with a scene that appeared to be straight out of a movie – Rubel standing on a raft made out of banana trunks heading towards the house of his would-be bride Shamima Begum, daughter of Rajab Ali in Nijpat Meghli village.

Some photos and a video of the bridegroom and his jubilant party went viral on social media.

Rubel was determined not to let the flood pour cold water on his marriage. The bridegroom also hitched a ride on one of his companions at some point.

The new clothes of the hero of the day could not be allowed to get wet by unwanted rain or flood water. Local Union Parishad Member Humayun Kabir, part of the bridegroom’s troop, took Rubel on his back while another fellow held up the umbrella to protect him from rain.

Oh, and the marriage took place without a hitch!

After the marriage, the bridegroom’s troop returned home the same way with the bride. What an exciting marriage it was indeed!