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Global warming

Address global warming posthaste

By Dean Baker There are two enormous myths about global warming. One is that dealing with it is optional. The other is that the measures needed to slow the process will devastate the economy. Neither is true. On the first point, we are already seeing major changes in weather that are almost certainly related to global warming, both in the ... Read More »

Food support to Bangladesh’s flash-flood-hit people urgent

Dhaka – Speakers at a view exchange meeting on Sunday emphasised the need for taking coordinated efforts to ensure reaching of food and assistance to all the flood affected people in haor (depression) area until the next harvest. Speaking at the meeting on the prevailing condition in haor areas and food situation, on the northeastern part of Bangladesh, they asked ... Read More »

Floods never kill fishes or birds: No more hasty remarks

by Mostafa Kamal Majumder Dhaka – The deaths of fishes that breed and grow, and water birds that feed and roost in the haors (depressions) of greater Sylhet region on the northeastern part of Bangladesh, following a flash flood just in a week’s time have surprised everybody not only in the affected areas but concerned people all over Bangladesh and ... Read More »

International collaboration to end violence

Robert J. Burrowes While much of the world is engulfed in violence of one sort or another (whether violence in the home or on the street, exploitation, ecological destruction or war), a global network of individuals and organizations is committed to ending this violence in all of its manifestations. With individual signatories in 100 countries and organizational endorsements in 35 ... Read More »

Snowfall at springtime in Germany

Stutgurt, Germany – As the first spring rays of sun come out the German people like to soaking up the sun in the gardens, parks and outdoor cafes and enjoying eagerly anticipated beginning of the warm season. But Polar air is overspreading in Germany fron Scandinavia and Western Russia for extended period in April. Read More »

Two-thirds of Great Barrier Reef damaged

Unprecedented coral bleaching in consecutive years has damaged two-thirds of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, aerial surveys have shown. The bleaching – or loss of algae – affects a 1,500km (900 miles) area of the reef, according to scientists. The latest damage is concentrated in the middle section, whereas last year’s bleaching hit mainly the north. Read More »

193 dead after rivers overflow, toppling homes in Colombia

Bogota, Apr 2 (AP/UNB) — An avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers tore through a small city in Colombia while people slept, destroying homes, sweeping away cars and killing at least 193 unsuspecting residents. The incident triggered by a sudden, heavy rainstorm happened around midnight in Mocoa, a provincial capital of about 40,000 tucked between mountains near Colombia’s southern ... Read More »

‘Monster’ storm Cyclone Debbie hits Australia

A powerful cyclone carrying winds of up to 263km/h (163 mph) has made landfall in Queensland, Australia. Cyclone Debbie, a category four storm, has left at least 45,000 homes without power and damaged buildings, although it is too early to say how many, BBC has reported. PM Malcolm Turnbull told parliament he had activated a disaster response plan. Read More »

Cyclone hits Australian islands lifting roofs, cutting power

Dhaka — A powerful cyclone lashed islands, damaged roofs and cut power on Tuesday as it edged toward Australia’s tropical northeast coast, officials said.Category 4 cyclone Debbie brought winds gusting to 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour) and torrential rain to the Whitsunday Islands, a popular tourist destination off the Queensland state coast southeast of the city of ... Read More »

Eliminating energy-related carbon emissions possible: IRENA

Decarbonisation of global energy system, led by renewables and efficiency, would create economic gains Berlin, Germany, 20 March — Global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced by 70% by 2050 and completely phased-out by 2060 with a net positive economic outlook, according to new findings released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Perspectives for the Energy ... Read More »

Perils of climate change: Spring to recede from Pakistan

The meteorological department in Islamabad has announced that climate change will strongly impact spring in Pakistan. The highest temperature recorded in the capital in March was 25 degrees Celsius. It is expected that spring will cease to exist in the future. What does this mean for our future? This much-needed, albeit late, warning is crucial to push the government to ... Read More »

Mideast may become uninhabitable?

By Baher Kamal Rome, Mar (IPS) – New evidence is deepening scientific fears, advanced few years ago, that the Middle East and North Africa risk becoming uninhabitable in a few decades, as accessible fresh water has fallen by two-thirds over the past 40 years. This sharp water scarcity simply not only affects the already precarious provision of drinking water for ... Read More »

The ocean is swallowing these two American towns

To stay or to go. It’s a wrenching question low-lying coastal communities around the world are beginning to reckon with as climate change starts to push up global sea levels. But it’s not just happening in far-away places like Bangladesh or the Maldives. It’s happening right here in the U.S. On Tangier Island, Virginia, in the southern Chesapeake Bay, residents ... Read More »

Tourists stranded at St. Martin’s Island: Signal 3 at maritime ports

Dhaka, Mar 10 – Thousands of tourists remained stranded at St. Martin’s Island a tourist attraction south of Teknaf, the southernmost area of Bangladesh on Friday Afternoon as the went rough due to inclement weather. The maritime ports of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra have been advised to keep hoisted local cautionary signal No 3 as deep convection continues ... Read More »

One in 10 people think air quality bad even at toxic levels

• 38 out of 43 air quality zones across the country are breaching legal limits for air pollution • Friends of the Earth launches nationwide citizen science air pollution experiment Friends of the Earth is calling on the UK public to take part in a ground-breaking nationwide experiment on air pollution as a YouGov poll reveals that although nearly two ... Read More »

How warming could turn many plants, animals into climate refugees

Finding the optimum environment and avoiding uninhabitable conditions has been a challenge faced by species throughout the history of life on Earth. But as the climate changes, many plants and animals are likely to find their favoured home much less hospitable. In the short term, animals can react by seeking shelter, whereas plants can avoid drying out by closing the ... Read More »

Typhoon messes up Christmas in Philippines: 1 dead

Manila (AP/UNB) — A typhoon that spoiled Christmas Day in parts of the Philippines weakened slightly on Monday as it roared toward a congested region near the country’s capital, officials said. They said Typhoon Nock-Ten killed at least one person and cut power to five provinces as well as displacing thousands of villagers and travelers in Asia’s Catholic bastion. Read More »

Climate change demands global transformation of agriculture now

The FAO’s 2016 edition of “The State of Food and Agriculture” estimates that a “business as usual” approach could increase the number of poor by between 35 and 122 million by 2030 relative to a future without climate change. The report stresses that unless action is taken now to make agriculture more sustainable, productive and resilient, climate change impacts will ... Read More »