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Social solidarity for sustainable development

by Gro Harlem Brundtland Oslo – The late Kofi Annan once said that climate change is the “existential issue of our time.” A wave of extreme weather events this past summer – from wildfires in California and Sweden to floods in India and drought in Australia – shows just how right he was. And, as Annan also understood, addressing this ... Read More »

Hurricanes at the Ballot Box

by Vinod Thomas Singapore – Hurricane Florence, which smashed into the southea stern United States last week, is the latest in a string of extreme weather events that have raised expectations for disaster preparedness. Read More »

তরল মাটিতে ডুবে যেতে পারে ঢাকার বাড়ীঘর

ধরুন আপনার পায়ের নীচের যে শক্ত মাটি তার প্রকৃতি হঠাৎ বদলে গেল। এটি তরল পদার্থের মতো আচরণ শুরু করলো। যে মাটির ওপর আপনি দাঁড়িয়ে আছেন সেটিতে ঢেউ খেলতে শুরু করলো। মাটির ওপরের সব বাড়িঘর, রাস্তাঘাট, স্কুল, হাসপাতাল, সেতু ভেসে যেতে শুরু করলো। তারপর ধসে গিয়ে ডুবে গেল জল-কাদা-বালির এক সমূদ্রে। অবিশ্বাস্য মনে হলেও এরকম ঘটনা সত্যিই ঘটেছে। গত সপ্তাহেই ভূমিকম্পের ... Read More »

Desperate search for Indonesia quake, tsunami survivors

A picture of large scale destruction is emerging in the Indonesian city of Palu, after a quake and tsunami struck on Friday. At least 832 people are confirmed to have died but that figure is expected to rise sharply as more remote areas are reached. The authorities have said they will begin burying victims in mass graves, fearing disease could ... Read More »

Rescuers dig thru’ rubble for Indonesia tsunami survivors

Rescuers have been digging by hand in the frantic search for survivors in the Indonesian city of Palu, which is reeling from an earthquake and tsunami. At least 408 people have been killed but there are fears the death toll could rise significantly as workers reach areas closer to the epicentre. Search efforts are being hampered by blocked roads and ... Read More »

Freezing in UAE’s high rise buildings as heat soars outside

By Amna Khaishgi DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sep 20 2018 (IPS) – “Look at these tall, beautiful buildings. I have worked as a mason during the construction and was one of those who laid [the brickwork] brick by brick,” says Mohammed Akhtar* who has been working as a mason for over a decade in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Read More »

Bangladesh under mild heat wave

A mild heat wave is sweeping over the regions of Dhaka, Tangail, Faridpur, Madaripur, Chattogram, Rangamati,Cumilla,Chandpur, M. Court, Feni, Khulna, Satkhira, Jashore, Chuadanga, Bhola and Patuakhali and it is likely to abate by today. Read More »

Typhoon Mangkhut batters South China

A powerful storm which killed dozens of people in the Philippines is now making its way across southern China. Typhoon Mangkhut is one of the most powerful storms to hit the region in decades. Two people have been killed in the Chinese province of Guangdong, according to state media – more than 2.5 million people have been evacuated in Guangdong ... Read More »

‘Catastrophic’ flash flooding may follow Hurricane Florence

Weather forecasters warn of the risk of life-threatening flash flooding in parts of North and South Carolina, and Virginia, from storm Florence. It has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm but continues to soak the East Coast area with rain, downing trees and damaging homes. It is slowly grinding over the eastern states, with winds of 65mph ... Read More »

‘Disaster’ still feared as Hurricane Florence’s winds weaken

Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category two storm as it approaches the US but officials still warn of a “disaster at the doorstep”. Florence’s winds may have dropped to 110mph (175km/h) but its slow-moving nature could mean it lingers for days, bringing catastrophic flooding. Some 10 million people are now under some form of storm watch. Read More »

Developing countries oppose renegotiation of Paris Deal

Bangkok, 11 September 2018 (Prerna Bomzan and Meena Raman) – Developing countries strongly opposed attempts to renegotiate the Paris Agreement (PA) at the recently concluded climate talks in Bangkok, given attempts by developed countries to block references to differentiation between developed and developing countries in the negotiating text being drafted to implement the PA under the PA Work Programme (PAWP). Read More »

Wetlands key for accurate greenhouse gas measure in Arctic

The Arctic is rapidly warming, with stronger effects than observed elsewhere in the world. The Arctic regions are particularly important with respect to climate change, as permafrost soils store huge amounts of the Earth’s soil carbon (C). Warming of Arctic soils and thawing of permafrost can have substantial consequences for the global climate, as the large C stored in soils ... Read More »