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Natural-born climate commitments

By Sally Jewell Washington, DC – As world leaders gathered at the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid from December 2-13, the discussed concrete steps for meeting and increasing national emissions-reduction targets. But equally important, COP25 offered an opportunity to elevate one of the most powerful tools we have to address climate change: nature. Read More »

Loggers in Brazilian Amazon Kill indigenous forest guardian

Another indigenous leader was gravely wounded in the ambush and a logger is reportedly missing Maranhão state, Brazil – Earlier Saturday, members of the Guajajara people’s Forest Guardians, a volunteer land and environmental monitoring force, were ambushed by a group of illegal loggers in the Araribóia indigenous territory, leaving one Guardian dead and another gravely wounded. Read More »

Preparing the foundations for climate-resilient cities

By Emmanuel Hitimana Kigali, Jul 15 2019 (IPS) – How do you plan a resilient city? A city that can withstand climate change impacts, and the natural disasters that it produces at increased frequencies. And how do you protect the city, its individuals and communities, its business and institutions from either the increased flooding or prolonged droughts that result? It’s ... Read More »

Indigenous rights approach a remedy to climate change crisis

By Friday Phiri Jun 29, 2019 (IPS) – The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) was held in Bonn, Germany to rally behind a new approach to achieving a future that is more inclusive and sustainable than the present – through the establishment of secure and proper rights for all. On Jun. 22 and 23, experts, political leaders, NGOs and indigenous peoples ... Read More »

Floating houses project of BD wins RISK Award for resilience

Dhaka, May 18 (UNB) – A project that pioneers floating houses in Bangladesh has won the prestigious RISK Award 2019. It has been designed in a way so that it can house a family of six, and they can survive flood and produce their own food, including vegetables, chickens and fish. The €100,000-prize, sponsored by the Munich Re Foundation, was ... Read More »

Green, gray infrastructure mix for water, climate resilience

“Integrating Green and Gray – Creating Next Generation Infrastructure” is a joint report from the World Bank and the World Resources Institute (WRI) that aims to advance the integration of green and gray infrastructure solutions on the ground. It places a spotlight on the world’s growing infrastructure crisis, driven by climate change and growing populations. It proposes insights, solutions and ... Read More »

Making communities drought resilient

GEORGETOWN, Feb 1 2019 (IPS) – The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD’s) Drought Initiative is in full swing with dozens of countries signing up to plan their drought programme. The Drought Initiative involves taking action on national drought preparedness plans, regional efforts to reduce drought vulnerability and risk, and a toolbox to boost the resilience of people and ... Read More »

Potential of agroecology to transform global food system

Agroecology is a growing social movement which encourages peer-to-peer exchanges of information between farmers, the chief goal being to develop locally adapted solutions for peasant farmers that work with the available resources. A brochure on agroecology features its many successes as a roadmap for a socially and ecologically sustainable transformation of agriculture details on this.  Read More »

Argentina is no climate leader

by Fernando Cabrera Neuquen – Argentinian President Mauricio Macri claims that exploiting his country’s oil and gas shale reserves – the second-largest in the world – is vital not only to lift the economy out of the doldrums but also to provide a “bridge fuel” to support the climate transition. The reality, which is already becoming apparent, is not nearly ... Read More »

Rosatom dedicates its documentary “Wild Edens” to Turkey

The premiere of the second serial of the documentary “Wild Edens: Turkey,” that highlights the issue of climate change, took place in Ankara of Turkey recently. Focusing on the flora and fauna in the one-of-a-kind natural habitats of Turkey, the programme highlights the unique and delicate habitat of the Kars Wetland, the Caucasus, and the Mediterranean Sea. Read More »

Social solidarity for sustainable development

by Gro Harlem Brundtland Oslo – The late Kofi Annan once said that climate change is the “existential issue of our time.” A wave of extreme weather events this past summer – from wildfires in California and Sweden to floods in India and drought in Australia – shows just how right he was. And, as Annan also understood, addressing this ... Read More »

Agriculture policy to raise productivity approved in Cabinet

The government has given approval to the National Agricultural Policy-2018 (Jatiya Krishi Niti-2018) with an objective to increase the productivity of the crops, enhance income of the farmers, diversify of crops, produce nutritious and safe food, develop marketing system and ensure food safety through efficient use of profitable agriculture and natural resources and socioeconomic development. Read More »

Making agriculture work for – not against – biodiversity

Incorporating biodiversity as a priority in agriculture can yield multiple benefits Rome 29 May 2018 – FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva has called for transformative changes in how we produce our food, grounded in sustainable agricultural systems capable of producing healthy and nutritious food while simultaneously safeguarding the planet’s biodiversity. Read More »

Farmers Create ingredients to reverse climate change

Danielle Nierenberg I am here at the 2018 General Assembly of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO), an organization representing farmers and agribusinesses of all sizes. This year’s theme is how farmers around the globe are coping with climate change. Last month, Food Tank asked our readers to share what innovations they find most exciting for fighting climate change on the ... Read More »

Heidelberg joins C40 cities: Commits zero emission city

Mayor Prof. Dr. Würzner affirmed the commitment following the Formula E race in Berlin Heidelberg, Germany (22 May 2018) — The Mayor of Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Würzner, today committed to a series of ambitious targets to make city greener, healthier and more prosperous. By signing the C40 Green and Healthy Streets Declaration, the City of Heidelberg commits to procure only ... Read More »

EU reforms its emissions trading system

The European Council formally approved the reform of the EU emissions trading system (ETS) for the period after 2020. The revised ETS directive is a significant step towards the EU reaching its target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, as agreed under the EU’s 2030 climate and energy framework, and fulfilling its commitments under the ... Read More »

Canada takes the lead on methane emissions

Scott Vaughan and Durwood Zaelke OTTAWA/WASHINGTON, DC – In the fight against climate change, carbon dioxide attracts the bulk of regulators’ attention. But while long-lived CO2 is a key contributor to rising temperatures, it is not the only culprit. Other short-lived super pollutants are also warming the planet, and none is in greater need of regulation than methane. Read More »

Revving up green growth

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage UN, Apr 27 2018 (IPS) – While sustainable development may still seem elusive to some, a new initiative wants to pave a path for nations working towards a greener future. Read More »