Tuesday , June 2 2020
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If you can’t take a joke, be the joke!

Sudhirendar Sharma I recall how scheming we were in our younger days to send gullible on a ‘fool’s errand’ to mark April 1, the most light-hearted day of the year when playing pranks and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things is universally accepted. From simple jokes to elaborate hoaxes, friends and relatives who consider themselves to be wise ... Read More »

The good life after work

To manage the latest wave of automation, we must have ends that are more compelling than merely wanting more products and services. Almost all ‘robots are coming’ stories follow a tried-and-true pattern. ‘Shop Direct puts 2,000 UK jobs at risk’ screams a typical headline. Then, quoting from authoritative reports from prestigious institutes and think tanks, the article in question usually alarms ... Read More »