Sunday , July 12 2020
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The Plastic Pandemic

By Jacob Duer SINGAPORE – There is no denying that single-use plastic has been a lifesaver in the fight against COVID-19, especially for frontline health workers. It has also facilitated adherence to social-distancing rules, by enabling home delivery of basic goods, especially food. And it may have helped to curb transmission, by replacing reusable coffee cups and shopping bags in ... Read More »

5 European companies helping to clean up the oceans

Addressing the environmental impact of CED This week saw the celebration of the 2020 World Ocean Day when world leaders were called upon to protect 30 per cent of our blue planet by 2020. To clean up plastics in oceans, it needs more than world leaders: multiple teams, innovators and innovations. Here we check out five start-ups from Europe. 1. ... Read More »

Dhaka’s air worst again in Quality Index

Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka ranked worst in the Air Quality Index (AQI) on Saturday morning. The capital ranked the worst in the Air Quality Index (AQI) with a score of 151 at 08.03am. The air was classified as ‘unhealthy’. When the AQI value is between 151 and 200, everyone may begin to experience health effects. Members of sensitive groups may experience ... Read More »