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Vanuatu bans single-use plastics, why not other countries!

By Ralph Regenvanu Port Vila (IPS) – Cradled in the South Pacific, my home country Vanuatu is made mostly of the ocean. The Pacific covers 98 percent of the national jurisdiction. Here, some 280,000 Ni-Vanuatu like myself live simply off the land and sea. We view the ocean as a living ‘bridge’ that connects islands and continents while sustaining life ... Read More »

AIIB expected to finance BD rural water supply project

The Beijing-based new bank already financed projects in rural electrification Dhaka, Sep 4 – Bangladesh is likely to receive another funding from newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for improvement of drinking water supply and sanitation facilities in the rural municipal areas. Read More »

What ails the Ganga

September 4, 2018 SANDRP The Ganga river basin’s importance is well acknowledged. The World Bank that is funding a currently ongoing USD 1 Billion project for Ganga Cleanup says in its Project Appraisal Document: It’s the most populous basin in the World. Read More »

Improved cookstove to reduce household air pollution

Rafiqul Islam, UNB Staff Writer Dhaka – As part of the government target to distribute 30 million improved cookstoves by 2030, some 70,000 improved stoves have been installed in the coastal region of Bangladesh, aiming to reduce household air pollution and cope with climate change impacts. “These cookstoves have been distributed under a project – Installation of 70,000 Improved Cookstoves ... Read More »

Air pollution may harm cognitive intelligence, study says

Chronic exposure to air pollution can cause harm to cognitive performance, a new study reveals. Researchers believe that the negative impact increases with age, and affects men with less education the worst. Over four years, the maths and verbal skills of some 20,000 people in China were monitored by the US-Chinese study. Read More »

Air pollution: ‘BD nationals lose 2 years of lifespan’

Pollution-induced global deaths rise from 3.5 mn in 1990 to 4.2 mn in 2015 Reaz Haider, UNB Staff Writer Dhaka, Aug 27 – Ambient air pollution shortens an average Bangladeshi’s life by 1.87 years, say scientists who suggest that better air quality could lead to a significant extension of human lifespan around the world. Read More »

How many people can share a toilet?

Submitted by Rebecca Jean Gilsdorf An Introduction to Shared Sanitation Co-authors: Rachel Cardone, Martin Gambrill How many people can share a toilet? This question might sound like the start of a joke but it’s actually a serious issue for many across the world. That’s because an estimated 20 percent of the global population do not have their own toilets. Read More »

Chile bans plastic bags for businesses

Chile has become the first South American country to legally ban the widespread commercial use of plastic bags. The new legislation, approved by Congress and enacted by President Sebastián Piñera, gives small shops two years to adapt to a total ban. Larger business will have six months to stop using plastic bags Read More »

Fossil-fuel doublespeak

by Lili Fuhr, Hannah McKinnon Berlin – Since the Paris climate agreement was signed in 2015, too many policymakers have fallen for the oil and gas industry’s rhetoric about how it can help to reduce greenhouse-gas em issions. Tall tales about “clean coal,” “oil pipelines to fund clean energy,” and “gas as a bridge fuel” have coaxed governments into rubber-stamping ... Read More »

Can cities reach the zero waste goal?

By Daniel Gutman Buenos Aires, Jul 23 2018 (IPS) – How should cities address the problem of waste? The most important thing is to set a clear objective: that the day will come when nothing will be sent to final disposal or incinerati on, says an international expert on the subject, retired British professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology Paul ... Read More »

Higher blood-lead in pregnant BD women: Study

Powdered turmeric, agrochemicals, lead-soldered cans possible sources Dhaka, July 18 – Presence of higher blood lead level (BLL) has been found in pregnant women of rural areas in Bangladesh, said a recent icddr,b study done in collaboration with Stanford University, USA. Read More »