Saturday , February 22 2020
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Harmful surgery on intersex children unnecessary

Doctors in the United States continue to perform medically unnecessary surgeries that can inflict permanent harm on intersex children, Human Rights Watch and interACT said in a report released today. Despite decades of controversy over the procedures, doctors operate on children’s gonads, internal sex organs, and genitals when they are too young to participate in the decision, even though the ... Read More »

BD civil surgeon summoned over faulty caesarean section

The High Court on Sunday summoned three people, including the Civil Surgeon of Patuakhali, to appear before it on August 1 to explain the incident of leaving a surgical instrument inside the abdomen of a woman during a cesarian operation. An HC bench of Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury and Justice AKM Zahirul Hoque asked Patuakhali Civil Surgeon, head of the ... Read More »

Saudi women arrested for wearing mini scart in public freed

A woman named Khulood was interrogated yesterday in Riyadh and handed over for prosecution. Her transgression? Wearing “indecent” clothing. But the same night, Saudi authorities released her without charge. A brief Snapchat video of Khulood appeared over the weekend with her in a short skirt and top which revealed her partial midriff as she walked through the Heritage Village of ... Read More »

Childhood should be time of innocence

Childhood should be a time of innocence, play, and learning. But 15-year-old Subekti spent his shackled to the floor of his family’s house in Serang, a city about a three-hour drive from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.For the past six years, since he was 9, Subekti has had both his ankles tightly chained to the floor, just meters away from where his ... Read More »

Halting sexual exploitation of children in tourism

By Baher Kamal Rome, Jul 18 (IPS) – While the business sector jumps for joy as the number of tourists grew in 2016 for the seventh consecutive year to reach 1.2 billion, and as the first four months of 2017 have registered 6 per cent increase, the sheer speed, abetted by technology, of an atrocious crime—the sexual exploitation of children ... Read More »

Restricting women’s clothing and freedom in Belgium

The European Court of Human Rights has struck another blow to women’s autonomy, ruling in favor of bans on full-face veils enacted in 2011 in Belgium.Echoing a 2014 ruling in S.A.S v. France, the court cited the vague idea of “living together” as justification for the bans. Nowhere does the European Convention on Human Rights state that “living together” can ... Read More »

Kenya’s decision to give schoolgrils free sanitary pad is historic

On Wednesday, the President of Kenya signed the Basic Education Amendment Act into law, which commits the government to providing “free, sufficient and quality” sanitary pads to girls in state schools. Girls supported by Plan International have been at the forefront of the campaign to make sanitary pads free. Joyce, 14, petitioned the government on the International Day of the ... Read More »

World Pop Day: What we can learn from Bangladesh?

by Maitreyi Bordia Das Tuesday marked World Population Day and this year’s theme is “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations”. It is an opportune moment to reflect and continue the conversation on demographic trends that I started through my blog on fertility decline last month. Read More »

Promoting sustainable pop growth, key to raising HR standards

By Dr. Hanif Hassan Al Qassim Geneva, Switzerland, Jul 11 (IPS) – The world population has witnessed a remarkable growth during the recent decades. In 1965, it stood at 3.3 billion people. In 2017 –52 years later– the global population reached a staggering 7.5 billion people corresponding to more than a doubling of the Earth’s residents over the last half-century. Read More »

UK’s U-turn on abortion for Northern Ireland’s women

Funding abortions for women who travel to England is only an interim solution Hillary Margolis The UK government just took an important step in announcing – following a campaign and under pressure from parliament – that the National Health Service (NHS) will carry out abortions at no cost to pregnant women and girls from Northern Ireland who travel to England ... Read More »

Markel against: German Parliament nods same-sex marriage

By ALISON SMALE and DAVID SHIMER Berlin — When Sarah Kermer proposed to her girlfriend in March, she knew she was in love, but she did not know when, if ever, Germany would allow them to marry. The answer came early Friday morning, when the lower house of the German Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage after a brisk but ... Read More »

New York Governor signs Anti-Child Marriage Law

New York – New York State has taken an important step toward ending child marriage, as Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 20, 2017 signed legislation to dramatically reduce the circumstances under which children can marry, Human Rights Watch said today. Between 2001 to 2010, 3,850 children under 18 married in New York State. Read More »