Monday , July 13 2020
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Odor receptors discovered in lungs

Your nose is not the only organ in your body that can sense cigarette smoke wafting through the air. Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Iowa have shown that your lungs have odor receptors as well. Read More »

Mao is dead, long live Mao

Does the celebration of Mao Zedong’s 120th birth anniversary (Dec. 25) led by President and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chief, Xi Jinping reflect a silent message from the Third plenum of the 18th Central Committee held from November 9 to 11? Read More »

Archbishop of Rangoon calls for Rohingya citizenship

In his New Year message to the Roman Catholics of Burma, Monsignor Charles Bo called for unity between the “different souls” of “this wonderful nation” and pointed particularly towards the Rohingya Muslims of western Burma, saying those born in the country should be granted citizenship. Read More »

Is meditation the best medicine?

Millions of people in ‘the developed world’ visit therapists for all sorts of emotional and psychological problems they find difficulty in coping with by themselves. Read More »

2014 to bring more social collapse

2014 is upon us. For a person who graduated from Georgia Tech in 1961, a year in which the class ring showed the same date right side up or upside down, the 21st century was a science fiction concept associated with Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Read More »

Nepal: The CA must be ultimate authority, President must resign

In Nepalese politics, the term of office of the president and vice-president has become a matter of major dispute among the political parties following the November 19 Constituent Assembly (CA) election. Read More »

Palestinians should quit ‘peace negotiations’

The Palestinian negotiation team won’t listen to reason. There can’t be any just and permanent peace agreement between a Zionists dominated Israeli government and the original owners of the “Land of Palestine” as long as Zionist ideology determines Israeli policy. Read More »

Press freedom comes under threat in Southeast Asia

Two weeks after a Myanmar newspaper ran a story headlined “When bags of money replace judges in court” — highlighting corruption in the judicial system — one of its reporters was thrown in jail in a conviction the daily suggested was politically motivated. Read More »

Do we really want to share so much info?

The revelations this year by former CIA employee Edward Snowden that the US National Security Agency has been spying on the phone calls and e-mails of Americans, foreigners and their leaders were astounding and disturbing. Read More »

Financing of India’s Maoists

The raising of finances by terrorist/extremist groups has been a major source of concern for different world governments, as well as the United Nations, since the past many years. Read More »

Afghan Mujahideen and J&K: How real is the threat?

There has been a serious concern, at times even a threat perception, that after the American withdrawal in 2014, the Afghan mujahideen would enter into J&K, as they did after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. Read More »

The Law or mayhem of The Sea Convention?

At the recently concluded Japan-ASEAN summit meeting in Tokyo, Dec 14, in a surprise move, Japan and the South East Asian nations reaffirmed their commitment to ensure “freedom of over flight” in the region, given the growing apprehensions and uneasiness in East Asia over China’s new Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). It may be recalled that Beijing announced the establishment ... Read More »

The US-Iran compromise on Afghanistan

Over the last three decades the U.S. and Iran have identified each other as enemies and positioned themselves in opposition to each other on the international political stage. Read More »

Democracy Pays

In relatively large communities, individuals do not always obey the rules and often exploit the willingness of others to cooperate. Read More »

Nelson Mandela’s choice of a peaceful path

It was the manner of Nelson Mandela’s stubborn and steely resolve to stick to his goal of a peaceful political settlement in South Africa that sets him apart from other leaders. Read More »

The execution of Jang Sung-taek of North Korea

THE SUMMARY execution of North Korea’s second most powerful leader Jang Sung-taek, after a hurried trial by a military court for anti-state activities, has turned the spotlight on a likely power struggle among the leadership of the Pyongyang regime. Read More »

Violence victim women, adolescents start new life journey

Twenty adolescents and young women, victims of violence, child marriage, dowry, torture, sexual abuse, trafficking and repression, began a new journey for construction their life again after ceremonial rehabilitation. Read More »

Mandela is dead, so why hide the truth about apartheid?

Maybe the empire thought that we would not honor our word when, during days of uncertainty in the past century, we affirmed that even if the USSR were to disappear Cuba would continue struggling. Read More »