Sunday , July 12 2020
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Eid-ul-Fitr in the midst of coronavirus pandemic

Mostafa Kamal Majumder After a month of fasting and self-restraint Muslims in Bangladesh, like those in the rest of the world, are celebrating the holy Eid-ul-Fitr on Monday according to the sighting of the moon. Traditionally the biggest religious festival in the country the Eid has come with a different flavour this time because of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic attack ... Read More »

How to Celebrate the Eid Safely during COVID-9 Pandemic

After the month-long fasting of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival of Muslims, has arrived. However, unlike other years, the holy festival is coming amidst of pandemic this year. Yes! We are talking about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The number of affected people in Bangladesh has crossed 30000; while more than 400 people died from deadly COVID-19 disease. Let not ... Read More »

A colourless Pahela Baishakh

Dhaka, April 15 – Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla new year which is synonymous with colour and jubilant celebrations involving the whole nation, were not seen on Tuesday, the first day of the Bengali month of Baishakh due to lockdown enforced by the law enforcing agencies in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More »

Pahela Falgun, Valentine’s Day celebrate

Streets in Dhaka and other big cities have taken a festive look with youths clad in red and yellow attires have started joining the celebrations of Pahela Falgun, the first day of Spring, and the Valentine’s Day. Pahela Falgun usually falls on February but this year it coincided with Valentine’s Day as Bangla Academy has revised Bangla Calendar to match ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day, Pahela Falgun coincide; add new flavour

People are set to witness a more colourful and joyous day on Friday as this year both Pahela Falgun, the first day of Spring, and the Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on the weekend. The festival-loving Bangladeshi people are ready to welcome and celebrate the day with great joy and love in a colourful manner. Falgun is the eleventh month ... Read More »

Bangladesh’s traditional fabric Jamdani festival begins

A five-week Jamdani Festival 2019 was jointly organised by the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh (NCCB) and Bengal Foundationat Bengal Shilpalay in Dhanmondi. A weaver crafts Jamdani at the Jamdani Festival 2019 in Dhaka, on Friday, Sept 6. Photo: Md Abu Sufian Jewel/UNB Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni (far right) and President of the World Crafts Council Asia-Pacific Region Dr ... Read More »