Tuesday , January 21 2020
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Taka 13bn to help enhance income of farmers

Dhaka – The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Tuesday approved the “Smaller water resources development (2nd phase)” project involving an estimated cost of Tk 1,285.96 crore in a bid to boost agricultural production and thus increase incomes of farmers through enhancing non-farm activities. Read More »

Food sovereignty of peasants needed to sustain agri-biodiversity

A new paper traces the roots of agricultural biodiversity, threats, benefits and how to sustain it. Agricultural biodiversity is the product of the dynamic management of species and ecosystems, especially by smaller-scale food providers, their families and communities, who have co-evolved with these species over millennia in all regions of the world. It encompasses the variety and variability of animals, ... Read More »

Organic soils store more carbon, cut emission from agriculture

Conventional agriculture is one of the main causes of the depletion of carbon in the soil and the increased presence of carbon in our atmosphere. The decline in soil organic matter (SOM) is of particular concern due to its key role in maintaining soil health. On the other hand, soils high in organic matter support healthy crops, are less susceptible ... Read More »

BAEN for sustainable agriculture in Bangladesh

-Prof. M Zahidul Haque Agricultural Extension plays a crucial role towards raising productivity and sustainability in the agriculture sector through providing scientific information to the farmers. In developing countries including Bangladesh, agricultural extension transfers scientific knowledge, necessary farming information including latest research findings and pieces of advice to the farmers by following non-formal educational procedure. It helps farmers and rural people ... Read More »

Israeli extremist settlers steal Palestinian olive harvest

Extremist Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian olive harvest and stole it over the past weeks. Last Sunday, a Palestinian landowner found their olive crops near Qalqilia harvested and stolen, and many mature trees damaged by toxic chemicals. The perpetrators, who came from the illegal settlement of Kidumim, also cut many trees. Read More »

Anthony Bourdain tackles food aaste in new documentary

Danielle Nierenberg A new documentary from chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain, “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste” explores both the problem of food waste in the United States and possible solutions from around the globe. The documentary features renowned chefs and food leaders, including Dan Barber, Mario Batali, Massimo Bottura, Danny Bowien, and Dr Judith Rodin, who demonstrate potential ... Read More »

Invest more in food safety – say experts

Experts at a seminar on Wednesday called for more investment in food safety to ensure food security as well as rural development. They also demanded taking necessary initiatives for amending the Food Safety Act 2013 to prevent food adulteration. Bangladesh Safe Agro Food Efforts (BSAFE) Foundation, KHANI Food Security Network, Brot fur die welt and Unnayan Dhara jointly organised the ... Read More »

Hunger does discriminate

By Baher Kamal Rome, Oct 13 (IPS) – In a world where only 8 individuals – all of them men—possess as much as half of all the planet’s wealth, and it will take women 170 years to be paid as men are*, inequality appears to be a key feature of the current economic model. Now a new study reveals that ... Read More »

Expert panel sounds alarm on Bayer-Monsanto merger

Rome, 13th October – Dominant agri-food firms have become too big to feed humanity sustainably, too big to operate on equitable terms with other food system actors, and too big to drive the types of innovation we need. This was the verdict of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food), as it sounded the alarm on the ... Read More »

Ending hunger by 2030? This is possible

By Rod Brooks Raleigh, North Carolina, Oct 11 (IPS) – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently announced that the number of hungry people in the world has increased by 38 million in the past year due to climate change, conflict and slow economic growth. Given this setback, can we, in fact, end hunger in our lifetime? The answer is ... Read More »

Fixing food system to solve humanity’s greatest challenges

By Elwyn Grainger-Jones Montpellier, France, Oct 11 (IPS) – We are at a moment of huge opportunity in the world’s food system. We can continue on our current trajectory of consuming too little, too much, or the wrong type of food at an unsustainable cost to the environment, healthcare and political stability. Or we can change course. Fixing the food ... Read More »

19 Unique and innovative farm-to-school programmes

Danielle Nierenberg October is national Farm-to-School Month in the United States. It’s a time to celebrate the connections between schools, farmers, and locally and regionally produced foods. Each year, millions of students, farmers, and communities across North America celebrate the movement that’s improving child nutrition, supporting local farmers and economies, and increasing food and nutrition education. Read More »

17 organizations fighting global hunger

Danielle Nierenberg The United Nations released a report in September titled “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017,” identifying a five-percent increase in global hunger from 2015 to 2016. According to the report, the number of chronically undernourished people has reached 815 million people or 11 percent of the global population. This comprehensive report is the first ... Read More »

First agricultural debate competition at BAU

The first agricultural debate competition was started at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in Mymensingh participating 12 teams from 10 different public & private agricultural subject base universities on Friday. BAU organized the debate competition on agricultural base topics such as agriculture, farmer, agricultural products etc with the aid of BAU debating society (BAUDS). Read More »

Global Warming puts Asia’s vital yields at high risk

By IPS World Desk Rome, Aug 28 (IPS) – While mainstream media have been widely reporting on the dramatic consequences of tropical storm Harvey in the United States, which has been characterised as the fiercest hurricane to hit this country in over a decade, global warming is expected to have a significant impact on “future yields of everything from rice ... Read More »

What does “climate-smart agriculture” really mean?

By Desmond Brown The base for a water catchment tank. Faced with severe droughts, many farmers in the Caribbean have found it necessary to set up catchment areas to harvest water whenever it rains. Credit: CDB PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Aug 14 2017 (IPS) – A Trinidadian scientist has developed a mechanism for determining the degree of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) ... Read More »

Aman on 1900 hectared submerges as Atrai rises

Aman plants on around 1900 hectares of land have been washed away by flood water in Singra upazila of the district as the Atrai River has burst its bank.The Atrai was flowing 55 centimeters above its danger mark till Friday morning, leaving houses and crop lands on vast areas in its vicinity flooded, said Sudangshu Kumar Sarker, Executive Engineer of ... Read More »

Fortified rice may help combat malnutrition in BD

A new study has shown that consuming fortified rice can significantly reduce anaemia and zinc deficiencies among the poorest women in Bangladesh. Conducted by the research centre icddr,b and on behalf of the United Nations World Food Programme or WFP, the study measured the impact of providing rice enriched with micronutrients to women participating in the government’s vulnerable group development ... Read More »

Conservation agriculture sprouts in Cuban fields

By Ivet González Los Palacios, Cuba, Aug 10 (IPS) – At the entrance, the Tierra Brava farm looks like any other family farm in the rural municipality of Los Palacios, in the westernmost province of Cuba. But as you drive in, you see that the traditional furrows are not there and that freshly cut grass covers the soil. Read More »

Which country is the most sustainable?

Danielle Nierenberg The Food Sustainability Index (FSI), developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) with the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) Foundation, ranks countries on food system sustainability based on three pillars: food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture, and nutritional challenges. Read More »