Thursday , April 2 2020


Five fishermen jailed for defying hilsa ban in Chandpur

A mobile court sentenced five fishermen to one year’s imprisonment each for catching hilsa in the Meghna River in Sadar upazila on Thursday evening defying the ongoing ban. The fishermen are Badshah Bepari, 40, Yeasin, 38, Shah Jalal, 26, Sekandar, 25, and Khalil, 40. All of them are residents of Raj Rajeswar area in Sadar upazila. District Fisheries Officer Asadul ... Read More »

A model ecosystem story: Anglers can predict fish stock

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Have I got a fish story for you. Any angler beginning a yarn like that usually ends up spinning a tall tale, an exaggeration or bald-faced lie. Michigan State University researchers, however, have demonstrated that anglers can produce accurate and complex environmental models similar to those of trained scientists. Read More »

Crab farming recoups loss at virus infested BD shrimp farms

$26.81 lakh earned in five months from crab export KHULNA, DECEMBER 03- The shrimp farmers here who counted suffered repeated losses due to virus attacks in farms and natural disasters are now showing greater interest in crab cultivation as it has proved to be more profitable than shrimp and its demand in the international market is on the rise. Read More »

Fish consumption up, price down in BD for ‘blue revolution’

Dhaka, Oct 27 – Bangladesh’s recent aquaculture growth has defied predictions so much that it deserves to be called a “Blue Revolution.” Even though aquaculture has enabled over 2 million Bangladeshis to escape poverty from 2000-2010, the country’s fisheries policy has yet to adapt to these changes. Creating greater access to fish as a source of nutrition among poor households ... Read More »

22-day ban on catching, selling Hilsa from Oct 9

Dhaka, Sept 8 (UNB) –The government will impose a 22-day ban on catching, selling, hoarding and transporting Hilsa from October 9 to 31 to ensure the safe spawning of the popular fish during its peak breeding period. State Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Md Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru came up with the information while talking to reporters after a meeting ... Read More »

Virus attack devastates shrimp farms in South West BD

Bagerhat, Sept 7 (UNB) – ‘Bagda’ shrimp farmers in the district are counting huge losses due to decline in production caused by virus attack and drastic fall in its prices. Local farmers said a huge quantity of ‘Bagda’ shrimp die in many enclosures in different areas of the district a few months back due to drought and virus attack, leading ... Read More »

The water is so hot in Alaska it’s killing large numbers of salmon

By Ryan Prior, CNN Alaska has been in the throes of an unprecedented heat wave this summer, and the heat stress is killing salmon in large numbers. Scientists have observed die-offs of several varieties of Alaskan salmon, including sockeye, chum and pink salmon. Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, director of the Yukon Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, told CNN she took a group of scientists ... Read More »

Enormous alien fish spotted in Kerala’s rivers after the 2018 floods

by Aathira Perinchery on 16 August 2019 • Kerala researchers have found that alien fish species, arapaima and alligator gar, were caught from four rivers after the floods of 2018. • The fish probably escaped from aquaculture facilities during the floods, and are now ‘fugitives’ in the natural ecosystem, claim the authors. • These predatory species are much larger compared ... Read More »

Fishing in Bay resumes at the end of 65-day ban

Khulna, July 23 (UNB)- Fishermen here and other southeastern districts are ready to begin fishing amid festivity from Tuesday night after the 65-day fishing ban in the Bay of Bengal ended on Tuesday. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock imposed the ban from May 20. During a visit to the area, this correspondent found fishermen were readying nets, boats, and ... Read More »

Scientists get peek into how some fish change sex as adults

New York, Jul 11 (AP/UNB) — If in the beginning there was male and female, fish seem to have forgotten the memo. For nearly 500 fish species, including the clownfish in “Finding Nemo,” the great divide between sexes is more like a murky line: If circumstances call for it, the fish can swap their sex, with females turning into males ... Read More »

Fishing ban at breeding time in Sundarbans hits fisherfolk

Khulna, July 11 (UNB) – Amid a 65-day-ban on netting fish in the Bay of Bengal, the authorities imposed a fresh ban on all kinds of fishing in rivers and canals that flow through the Sundarbans. In a prohibitive order, the Forest Department banned fishing in 13 rivers and 450 canals inside the Sundarbans for two months starting from July ... Read More »

450 fishermen with 32 Indian trawlers taken into Paira custody

Dhaka, July 07 – At least 450 fishermen with 32 Indian fishing trawlers have been taken in safe custody by Paira Sea Port coastguard in Kalapara under Patuakhali district on Sunday afternoon. As the sea was clogged due to hostile weather, the Coast Guard members took their Paira Sea Port from the deep sea area while they catching fish by ... Read More »