Tuesday , July 14 2020
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Great white sharks live as long as humans

Great white sharks can live almost as long as humans — 70 years or more — much longer than scientists previously thought. “White sharks in the northwest Atlantic are considerably older than previous age estimates,” some of which pegged the oldest great white sharks at around 23 years old, said study co-author Li Ling Hamady, an oceanography graduate student at ... Read More »

RCC plans to conserve 53 ponds in Rajshahi city

Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) has planned to conserve 53 natural water-bodies in the city in order to retain its surface water resources for protecting the environment from further degradation. Read More »

Green spaces ‘can save NHS billions’

By Mark Kinver The Woodland Trust’s chief executive has said increasing people’s access to green spaces could cut billions of pounds from the NHS healthcare bill. Read More »

Experts for exploring brighter prospect to raise fish production

Proper exploration of prevailing brighter prospect in pisciculture sector can increase fish production to bring economic self- reliance to the farmers through alleviating poverty in rural areas, experts said yesterday. Read More »

952 star tortoises seized on Indo-Bangla border

A total of 952 star tortoises has been seized by Indian border troops when they were being smuggled across to Bangladesh, in one of the largest recovery of these endangered reptiles. Read More »

Hilsa festival begins in Chandpur tomorrow

A five-day ‘Hilsa Festival’ will begin at Chandpur Shilpakala Academy to boost production of the delicious fish to meet the demand for protein. Read More »

Urban hives boom could be ‘bad for bees’

A boom in urban beekeeping could be doing the insects more harm than good, say scientists. Experts warn that dense populations of the bees in areas with few feeding plants adds more pressure to the troubled species. Read More »

Climate change causing changes in marine life behaviour

Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet our knowledge of the impact of climate change on marine habitats is a mere drop in the proverbial ocean compared to terrestrial systems. An international team of scientists set out to change that by conducting a global meta-analysis of climate change impacts on marine systems. Read More »

India, B’desh to save hilsa from extinction

Dhaka: As over-fishing in the Bay of Bengal takes a toll on the population of hilsa – the silvery tropical fish savoured in India and Bangladesh as the quintessential Bengali delicacy – experts from both the countries are seeking joint initiatives to manage and preserve habitats of the prized fish and weed out perilous practices threatening its breeding. Read More »

Cage culture can boost fish yield

Cage culture has bright prospects of yielding around 10,000 metric tons of additional fishes valued at around Taka 150 crore only in two rivers of Chapainawabgonj district annually. Prospect of commercial fish farming in river and different other open water bodies is bright that can supplement the government effort to boost fish production in the region to meet up its ... Read More »

Price of fishes up, vegetable stable in Sylhet

The price of fish has gone up and that of vegetables remained stable in Sylhet. But it differs from the list of prices displayed by Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB). Fish prices have risen by Tk10 to 20 per kg subject to quality, weight and size. The scorpion and cat fish were selling at between Tk 480 and Tk 600, ... Read More »

Endangered Sharks

Well-known species of sharks such as the great white shark, tiger shark, blue shark, mako shark, and the hammerhead shark are apex predators—organisms at the top of their underwater food chain. Read More »