Thursday , April 2 2020
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Low voter turnout mar Dhaka North and South City elections

Low turnout of voters has marred the charm of the just concluded elections of the two city corporations at Dhaka’s North and South. Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda has remarked that the actual voter presence in the just concluded elections would be less than 30 percent. Election commissioner Mahbub Talukdar has said that the voter turnout will be less ... Read More »

Dhaka City polls put EVMs, BD Election Commission to test

The elections to two city corporations of Dhaka North and South have generated much enthusiasm among the candidates of the two posts of Mayors and around 172 posts of Ward Councillors including 43 for women in reserved wards. But the high commands of the two major contending parties – The Awami League (AL) and the Nationalist Party (BNP) – have ... Read More »

Let rival student bodies coexist, love and check each other

The government has taken timely steps against two erring top leaders of BCL as complaints of seeking a share of development project money of Jahangirnagar University has come out in the open. The allegation has been made by none else than the vice-chancellor of the university Prof Farzana Islam herself. BCL is the student associate of the ruling Bangladesh Awami ... Read More »

Guidance for Muslims on the Holy Ashura

Muslims around the world mourn the assassination of Imam Husayn, the second grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the Holy Ashura, 10th of Muharram (Al-Hijra month). Ancient River, Euphrates which cradled the world’s earliest civilizations, still flows down the Karbala. It was on the back of this river that Imam Husayn was assassinated by the forces of Yazid in the ... Read More »

Trust accounts of Cyclone Dorian-hit people of Bahamas

The trail of devastation left by Cyclone Dorian in Bahamas is beyond description. People are yet to be sure how many are dead, because thousands have been listed as missing. Exactly the same situation was noticed when a furious cyclone hit the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar coasts on April 29, 1991. Rural government institutions (Union Parishads) were telling members of the Bangladesh ... Read More »

Rangamati gun attack: End never justifies means

The death of an assistant presiding officer and six others in a gun attack in the Rangamati Hill District as they were returning after the end of polling at a local centre in the second phase of Upazila local government polls on Monday evening is probably the worst election-related violence that ever took place in Bangladesh. So long there had ... Read More »

People of BD want to see the success of political dialogue

After talking tough for months both the government and the combined opposition under the banner of Jatiya Jukta Front (National United Front) in Bangladesh have agreed to a political dialogue on Thursday, November 1, to facilitate the holding of the next general elections. Early this week the opposition sent a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina demanding dialogue to end ... Read More »

Digital Security Bill makes BD journalists askance

The passage of the Digital Security Bill in Parliament on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, has been viewed critically by editors of newspapers and leaders of journalist unions of Bangladesh. From the government side, it has been said that all that were needed to establish the rights of journalists have been done. Read More »

NYT reflects free press’ deep roots in the US

Mostafa Kamal Majumder What the New York Times has done Last Thursday is nothing short of making a new history, publication of an anonymous opinion piece against the Trump administration that too from ‘a senior member’ of the said administration, in upholding the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the US Constitution. Read More »

The fresh debate in Bangladesh on Electronic Voting Machines

Mostafa Kamal Majumder A fresh debate on the use of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in the next election in Bangladesh has emerged with the Election Commission, as reported, opting to buy 2,535 new Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The purchase of such machines comes months before the elections to be held sometime in December. The Bangladesh Election Commission had earlier said ... Read More »

For greater understanding in the information age

The week that ended on Saturday was marked by two philosophical utterances by two men from Malaysia and Bangladesh. Mahathir Mohammad who has written a new political history by getting elected the Prime Minister of Malaysia for the second spell at the age of 92, has said an international exchange of visits of young people for greater understanding would help ... Read More »

Football and digital accuracy in refereeing

Mostafa Kamal Majumder The FIFA World Cup final in Moscow termed as the best so far has once again marked the victory of the game of football all over. FIFA officials have praised Russia for making the event successful and memorable. The finalists France and Croatia probably deserve extraordinary credit in that both the winners and the losers celebrated it ... Read More »

Dealing with fb pages having offensive content

The government is expected to sit with the Facebook this month to prevent posting of offensive contents. Discussion with the Facebook authorities to solve the issue and take necessary steps against those who run pages from abroad for spreading fundamentalism and militancy. State Minister for Telecommunications has said social networking sites run their activities as per their own choices and ... Read More »

Much to be proud of­—a lot more remains to be done

As we mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate the progress made in improving women’s inclusion and empowerment, while seeking to better address continuing challenges, which are estimated to cost South Asian economies $888 billion, through devising and implementing solutions that will bridge remaining gaps. Read More »

Bangladesh Muslims celebrate Eid festival of sacrifice

The holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second biggest religious festival of Muslims has been celebrated in Bangladesh. This Eid was of special significance because its central theme is making sacrifice for the satisfaction of Allah Almighty It’s a tradition that has descended from Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) who had been asked by the Almighty Allah to sacrifice his most dear son Ismail. When ... Read More »

Who is talking about current world news and why

Find Out Who is Talking About Current World News and Why You Should Be Concerned Yet, there’s always some great news. You’ll eventually be presented with various current world news story thumbnails. You can refrain from being this kind of casualty of the news. Stay abreast of ongoing news events and make personable, informed posts on such issues. Daily News ... Read More »

Happy New Year 2016

The red sun rose on the eastern horizon this morning heralding the New Year 2016, bidding farewell to an eventful 2015 into eternity, with new promises as well as challenges for the people of Bangladesh as for those of the rest of the world. The coming of the New Year was preceded by the elections in 234 municipalities, on a ... Read More »

Victory Day pledge: Achieve ideals the shaheeds cherished

The nation celebrates the 45th Victory Day today with patriotic fervor and a fresh vow to achieve the ideals the Shaheeds of the glorious War of Liberation – who made possible the victory through their supreme sacrifices – cherished. The people once again recall the horrors let loose of the Pakistani occupation army and their collaborators on unarmed people whose ... Read More »

The Net-Zero Imperative

by Eric Beinhocker,Myles Allen Oxford – The world has reached an historic agreement on climate change. The deal concluded at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris commits countries to take steps to limit warming to “well below” 2º Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels and to pursue “efforts” to limit warming to 1.5ºC. It also obliges developed countries to ... Read More »

Hajj pilgrimage management under fire

The death of 769 people in a stampede at Mina near the holy city of Makkah has not only cast a gloom on the Eid celebrations in the Muslim world but also created a big tension as some countries. Iran in particular has raised accusing fingers at Saudi Arabia. Of the at least 769 people dead in the crush, more ... Read More »

Arrest warrant against 28 Bnp leaders in car torching case

The Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court of Dhaka on Sunday issued arrest warrants against 28 leaders and activists of BNP-led 20-party alliance in a case filed on the charge of crude bomb attack on a passenger bus in Mirpur area of the city in January last. Judge Kamrul Hossain Mollah of court passed the order of arrest warrants taking into congnisance ... Read More »

Myanmar to have more peace, progress from its diversity

Foreign Minister Mahmood Ali has told the secreary general of OIC – Organisation of islamc Conference in Kuwait the other day that calling Rohingya Muslims Bangladeshis does not tally with history, as the Rohingyas came from many neighbouring countries since the 6th century AD at the time of Prophet Muhammad (sm). Bangladesh has resisted the entrance of persecuted Rohingya Muslims ... Read More »

Saving Rohingyas, the worst persecuted people on earth

The death of at least 100 migrants in fight over food that shrank in supplies in boats that carried them at sea near Indonesia has shaken the mind of all people irrespective of geographical, poitical, reigious or ethnic  divides, but has not moved the rulers of Myanmar, the place of their origin. Earlier mass graves of migrants were discovered in ... Read More »

For befitting respects to language martyrs

Amor Ekushey is being observed all over the country on Saturday with due solemnity. People from all walks of life and ages are walking to shaheed minars in barefoot processions and offering fateha to the graves of the Shaheeds of the language movement who sacrificed their lives form the cause of the mother tongue on this day in 1952. Read More »

Law enforcers cannot be judges to shoot at people

Two recent remarks made by the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Dr. Mizanur Rahman have irked a section of the police administration because those challenged the police’s discretion to shoot at people on the charge of being extremists or on the plea of ‘cross-fire’ or ‘encounter’. The first one relates to a concocted ‘crossfire’ on a young cng ... Read More »

Stop professing end of communications

A communications man said in a tv talk show the other day that the mass media in the country are doing a great disservice by airing the view points of the relatives of war crimes convicts. ‘They have no say, the court has given the verdict and that ends there.’ He went on, ‘why should there be voices of the ... Read More »