Wednesday , July 15 2020
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EU condemns Turkish decision over Hagia Sophia

Brussels, AP/UNB, July 14 – Foreign ministers of the European Union condemned the Turkish decision to convert Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia back to a mosque, saying ” It will inevitably fuel mistrust, promote renewed divisions between religious communities and undermine efforts at dialogue and cooperation.” Read More »

China-India Relations: Conceivable Rebounds on Bangladesh

Speaking pragmatically, geo-politically and superlatively, in the ongoing global order free, independent and sovereign states operationally and strategically cannot be away from bilateral, regional and global realities, issues, problems, challenges, dilemmas and opportunities therein, notwithstanding anything contained in bilateral or multi-lateral documents, texts and contracts open or not, and more importantly being within the sway/domain of United Nations. Read More »

Bangladesh, India to work together to boost food production

Bangladesh and India on Wednesday decided to work together to enhance food production to face the possible food crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their  pledge to work together came when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi phoned Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the afternoon. During the 12-minute telephonic conversation that started at 5:50pm, both the leaders mentioned that their governments ... Read More »