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Developing countries for balanced approach to intellectual property

Geneva, Mirza Alas – Developing countries stressed the need for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to have a balanced approach to intellectual property during their general statements at the 55th Assemblies of the organization’s Member States. The 55th Assemblies are taking place at the WIPO headquarters in Geneva from on 5-14 October.  For the first two days Member States ... Read More »

How drug companies jack up their prices, hurt patients

By Sydney Lupkin This story is part of a partnership between MedPage Today and VICE News. Worldwide outrage has followed the recent dizzying increase in the price of Daraprim, a drug that treats potentially fatal parasitic infections, by its new owner Turing Pharmaceuticals, a startup founded by a defiant 32-year-old former hedge fund manager named Martin Shkreli. But it’s not ... Read More »

More people die from air pollution than Malaria, HIV/Aids

More than 3 million people a year are killed prematurely by outdoor air pollution, according to a landmark new study, more than malaria and HIV/Aids combined. Wood and coal burning for heating homes and cooking is the biggest cause, especially in Asia, but the research reveals a remarkably heavy toll from farming emissions in Europe and the US, where it ... Read More »

South Asian water wars: An improbability

By Manu Moudgil If there is ever to be a Third World War, many believe it will be fought over water, with South Asia serving as the flashpoint. The region houses a quarter of the world’s population and has less than 5 percent of the global annual renewable water resources. Low water availability per person and high frequency of extreme ... Read More »

Global consumption trends break new records

Worldwatch Institute’s Vital Signs exposes latest global peaks of production and consumption, as well as associated impacts Washington, D.C. – From coal to cars to coffee, consumption levels are breaking records. According to the Worldwatch Institute’s latest report, Vital Signs, Volume 22: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future, the acceleration of resource depletion, pollution, and climate change may come ... Read More »

SQC’s wife given time for hearing on verdict leaking

The Cyber Tribunal of Dhaka on Monday once again deferred the hearing on framing charge against BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury’s wife, son and four others in a case filed for allegedly leaking a draft verdict of International Crimes Tribunal-1 that sentenced the BNP leader to death. Judge of the Cyber Tribunal SM Shamsul Alam passed the order after hearing ... Read More »

The tunnel ‘Chapo’ Guzman used to escape in Mexico

By Daniel Hernandez The entrance to the tunnel that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman used to escape from prison is located at an abandoned cinder-block building with a metal roof and a dirt floor. There is a wheelbarrow filled with dirt, rusted old wire sheeting standing in columns, mounds of construction materials, and a few clotheslines. Near a wall, a rectangular ... Read More »

Europe’s attack on Greek democracy

Joseph E. Stiglitz New York – The rising crescendo of bickering and acrimony within Europe might seem to outsiders to be the inevitable result of the bitter endgame playing out between Greece and its creditors. In fact, European leaders are finally beginning to reveal the true nature of the ongoing debt dispute, and the answer is not pleasant: it is ... Read More »

Why the Greek bailout failed

Kenneth Rogoff Cambridge – As the Greek crisis evolves, it is important to understand that a successful structural-adjustment program requires strong country ownership. Even if negotiators overcome the most recent sticking points, it will be difficult to trust in their implementation if the Greek people remain unconvinced. That has certainly been the experience so far. And without structural reform, there ... Read More »

The Euro: Monetary unity to political disunity?

Milton Friedman Sanfrancisco – A common currency is an excellent monetary arrangement under some circumstances, a poor monetary arrangement under others. Whether it is good or bad depends primarily on the adjustment mechanisms that are available to absorb the economic shocks and dislocations that impinge on the various entities that are considering a common currency. Flexible exchange rates are a ... Read More »

Geologists’ plea to keep inland gas under local management

Some geologists have once again raised their voice for earmarking the exploration of oil and gas in inland blocks for local companies. This is nothing against foeign companies, but at simple logic of keeping exploration and production costs down. If one goes back to the recent past one would find that gas pries in the local market shot up in ... Read More »

History does not support calling Rohingyas ‘Bengalis’

Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali has said terming the Rohingya Muslims ‘Bengalis’ are not supported by historical facts. “The migration of Muslims in that area (Arakan) was from many of the neighbouring countries of Myanmar. Therefore, over simplification of the issue and terming these Muslims ‘Bengalis’ are not supported by historical facts,” he said. Read More »

Sy Hersh: US version of Bin Laden raid is ‘full of lies’

The charges are explosive – and cut against a heroic narrative that defined, in part, arguably the greatest foreign policy success of President Barack Obama’s first term in office. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Seymour Hersh, the US raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was not a secret, risky US action, it was a joint operation between the ... Read More »

Indian Rajya Sabha clears border ageement for ratification 

Indian Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament, on Wednesday passed the much-awaited Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh, and the exchange of certain enclaves of land between the two countries. The Bill was passed with an unanimity, with 180 members giving their nod to the Bill hanging for since 1974, according to Indian media. Read More »

Nepal earthquake wipes out trekking village of Langtang

Langtang the most beautiful village at the foot of the Himalaya and used by trekkers on their way to climbing Mount Everest has been completely wiped out in an avalanche of earth and snow triggered by the April 25 earthquake, the BBC has reported. According to the report all 300 people, half of them foreign tourists, who were in the ... Read More »

4 killed as truck crashes local 3-wheeler in Gopalganj

At least four people were killed and seven others injured when a truck collided head-on with a human hauler (locally called Nosimon) at Tekerhat on the Dhaka-Barisal highway in Maksudpur upazila on Tuesday morning. The deceased were identified as Kanai Ojha,45, of Jalirpar village, Noya Khan,60, of Char Prasannadi village and Merajul,50, of Noyakandi village of Maksudpur upazila and Kamona ... Read More »

Juba League leader held for house that caved in lake killing 12

The owner of the two-storied bamboo-made house that subsided into the Mirhajirbagh Jheel killing 12 dead and leaving many others injured hsa been arrested by the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) – 3. Maniruzzaman Chowdhury (38) the said owner has been arrested from Tipra Bazaar, Nischintapur, Comilla. The tin-shed illegal structure sank under water at Jhilparh Boubazar, in Malibagh Chowdhurypara area ... Read More »

11 fall sick: Hunger strike for classrooms at JU

Teachers and students of Geological Sciences (GS), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) departments of Jahangirnagar University began a fast-unto-death programme protesting the university authorities’ decision. Sources said, eleven students including a teacher became sick by observing the hunger strike. Among them, the condition of Mahbubur Rahman and Shikha Moni of CSE Department is serious. Read More »

2 years after Rana Plaza Tragedy, rights abuses still rampant

By Kanya D’Almeida and Naimul Haq DHAKA, Apr 2015 (IPS) – Some say they were beaten with iron bars. Others confess their families have been threatened with death. One pregnant woman was assaulted with metal curtain rods. These are not scenes typically associated with a place of work, but thousands of people employed in garment factories in Bangladesh have come ... Read More »

Fighting on in what could become Crimea of Myanmar

By Raymond Pagnucco and Jonathan Gad This past February, Peng Jiasheng came home — but he didn’t come alone. The former leader of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) brought with him fighters who’d fled with him six years ago when he was forced into exile in China from the Kokang region of Myanmar. Peng and his men came ... Read More »

The Rural Resilience Initiative- R4

In the present changing and uncertain climate condition global agriculture is under threat and shock. Farmers, particularly the small farmers in the agro-based countries like Bangladesh are already experiencing the negative effects of climate change. In order to protect small farmers plus their main income source agriculture, some immediate measures are to be taken at national and international levels. Read More »

Founder of Ottoman Empire: Recalling to this day

Dr Sinha M. A. Sayeed Any attempt to know and understand Osman I or Osman Gazi (Ottoman Turkish: عثمان غازى Osman Ghazi; Turkish: I. Osman or Osman Bey or Osman Gazi or Osman Gazi Han; 1258[1]–1326), sometimes transliterated in the past as Othman or Ottoman and nicknamed “Kara” (“black” in Turkish), was the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the ... Read More »