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Benefits of garlic

Health Desk Garlic is an effective antimicrobial and expectorant and this makes it a valuable home remedy to fight cough. The University of Maryland Medical Center cites one study that suggested that garlic might help prevent colds and lessen their symptoms. People who took a garlic supplement for 12 weeks caught 63 percent fewer colds than people who took a ... Read More »

Dhaka film directors boycott superstar Shakib Khan

Bangladesh Film Directors Association on Saturday declared to boycott popular Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan for indefinite period for his “derogatory remarks” on directors and actors. Director General of the association Badiul Alam Khokan came up with the announcement at a press conference at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). Khokan alleged that Shakib has recently made derogatory remarks insulting the film ... Read More »

‘Carbon tax’ in Bangladesh from next Fiscal Year

Fahad Ferdous, UNB Staff Writer Dhaka, Apr 29 – The government has planned to impose ‘carbon tax’ from the next fiscal year on the sectors that are polluting the environment, aiming to deal with the environmental concerns and improve the resource efficiency. According to sources at the Ministry of Finance and National Board of Revenue (NBR), Finance Minister AMA Muhith ... Read More »

Surgery of a three-legged girl successful

A Bangladeshi toddler born with a third leg attached to her pelvis is returning home after successful surgery in Australia. Choity Khatun, who is three, was born with caudal twinning, meaning that part of a twin had developed in her pelvis. Australian surgeons spent months working out how to remove the extra limb and reconstruct her pelvic area, reports BBC. Read More »

Indigenous peoples – Best allies or worst enemies?

By Baher Kamal Rome, Apr 25 (IPS) – It all happened on the very same day—4 April. That day, indigenous peoples were simultaneously characterised as fundamental allies in the world’s war on hunger and poverty, while being declared as collective victims of a “tsunami” of imprisonments in Australia. See what happened. Read More »

Muslim population – The future of world leadership

The picture of research works on demographic changes of western countries in relation to the Muslim immigration and their fertility rate is very intriguing. The average Fertility Rate per family amongst the westerners is 1.65 as compared to the Muslims’ which is 8.1. An interesting picture emerges when this is translated into demographic change. Read More »

Tomatoes, limes and sex-selective abortions

By Lyndal Rowlands The United States is withdrawing all of its funding from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) after claiming without evidence that the agency supports coercive abortions in China. UNFPA, which does not provide support for abortions anywhere, says that U.S. funds actually helped it to prevent some 295,000 unsafe abortions in 2016 by supporting voluntary family planning. IPS ... Read More »

Menstrual hygiene project keeps girls in school

By Mahfuzur Rahman Dhaka, Mar (IPS) – Breaking taboos surrounding menstruation, a project to distribute sanitary napkins to girls in one district of Bangladesh has had a positive impact on school dropout rates – and should be replicated in other parts of the country, experts say. Read More »

Norway tops global happiness report overtaking Denmark

A global happiness report has made Norway’s foreign minister, well, happy. Norway jumped to top spot in the World Happiness Report despite the plummeting price of oil— a key part of its economy — but researchers said it’s the “human things” that matter, such as a feeling of community which is strong in the Scandinavian country of 5 million. Reacting ... Read More »

Lifestyle diseases becoming ‘serious challenge’ for BD, world

Lifestyle diseases, in medical term ‘non-communicable’ diseases, are becoming a ‘very serious challenge’ for the world, including Bangladesh, says a global expert having 40 years of experience about international public health. “It’s very clear there’s a set of new diseases around called lifestyle diseases. This new wave of lifestyle diseases is a new challenge for the world, including Bangladesh,” Dr ... Read More »

$12 for a blanket on air!

A 66-year-old male passenger reportedly on a Hawaiian Airlines flight asked for a blanket as he was feeling cold. When the crew demanded a fee of $ 12 for the blanket, an altercation started. At one stage, the passenger made some unruly statement which the captain considered as a threat and immediately diverted the plane to Los Angeles. The police ... Read More »

12 Important career lessons most people learn too late in life

Here are the 12 best career lessons everyone should take to heart early in their careers. By Lolly Daskal President and CEO, Lead From Within If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we all make mistakes along the way (and hopefully learn valuable lessons from them). But if you’re smart, you’ll learn as much as possible ... Read More »

The trick smoothies play on the stomach

Strategic blending can delay hunger. James Hamblin Imagine you have a glass of water and a plate of chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms. If you were already imagining that, keep imagining it. Then consider a non-trivial question: Would it be better to eat it as it is, or blend it all together and drink it? Not many people choose the latter. ... Read More »

Reality Check: Is Malmo the ‘rape capital’ of Europe?

The claim: Many young male migrants arrived in Sweden over the past few years, when the country accepted unprecedented numbers of refugees, and there has been a huge rise in sexual crime in Sweden especially in the southern port city of Malmo. Reality Check verdict: Malmo, along with other urban centres in Sweden, has one of the highest levels of ... Read More »

Rich people literally see the world differently

By Drake Baer The way you view the world depends on the culture you come from — in a granular, second-by-second sense. If you present a Westerner and an East Asian with the same visual scene, for instance, the former is more likely to focus on individual objects, and the latter will likely take in more of the scene as ... Read More »

BBQ Special weekend deal at Amari Dhaka

Dhaka – Let your weekend nights be full of excitement with the aroma of barbeque at Amari Dhaka. Every weekend, hangout with you friends and your loved ones overlooking the city view and enjoy the wide range of BBQ items presented by our expert chefs at the sizzling rooftop Deck 41. Read More »

Peacempire forms coalition to fight child marriages

Rakibul Hasan Peacempire, an initiative to scale down Early Marriage, undertook major activities among 2805 adolescents, youths and adults, mostly aged 13 to 25 years, who represent over 32 villages in the district of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. We have surpassed the targets we set. Until the eve of February, we trained a number of 162 Community Reporters, 149 Young Advocates, 63 ... Read More »