Saturday , July 11 2020
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World Food Day: Take a holistic approach to food production

From Danielle Nierenberg October 16 is World Food Day. It can be a day of action, dedicated to tackling hunger and ensuring food security and nutrient-dense diets for everyone. Food should nourish and nurture people, society, and the planet, but in so many ways, the food system is broken. “The health impacts of our current food system cannot be ignored,” ... Read More »

True cost of a plate of food around the world

How much would you expect to pay for the most basic plate of food? The kind of thing you might whip up at home – nothing fancy, just enough to fill you up and meet a third of today’s calorie needs. A soup, maybe, or a simple stew – some beans or lentils, a handful of rice, bread, or corn? Read More »

Is the monetary system facing the risk of recession?

The International Monetary Fund, other economic institutions, politicians, experts, and a good number of indicators predict a new economic downturn. The causes will be diverse but the significant one is that debt worldwide has grown at an exaggerated rate. According to the report of the International Finance Institute, IIF, global debt is $247-plus trillion, 318% of GDP. Read More »

US Nat’l Farm-to-School Month: World’s 30 innovative programs

From Danielle Nierenberg This October, Food Tank is celebrating national Farm-to-School Month in the United States. In the U.S. alone, over 42,000 schools are changing their communities with farm-to-school programs, impacting the lives of over 23 million students. And schools and organizations across the world—from Australia to Zambia—are redesigning food education with on-site gardens, educational farms, and nutritious meals. Read More »

Cyber attacks growing problem in developing nations

Few experiences undermine a digital financial services (DFS) customer’s finances and trust in DFS like becoming the victim of a cybercrime. This is especially true of low-income customers, who are least able to rebound from the losses, and of the newly banked, whose trust in financial services may be fragile. Read More »

The US detention of children is only getting worse

Images of children sitting alone in chain-link cages, recordings of their frightened cries, and officials’ mocking reactions generated outrage across the country this summer. The Trump Administration responded by reversing its policy of forcibly separating immigrant families at the border—but what it substituted has been no better: it merely changed the way children are harmed. Read More »

Building resilience through agroecology

Dhaka, Oct 1 – Agriculture takes up almost 40% of the planet’s ice-free land surface, accounts for 70% of the freshwater used in the world, and produces about 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the single biggest driver of biodiversity loss. Meanwhile, climate shocks and extreme weather events can cause food price volatility that affects both consumers and producers around the ... Read More »

New trade realities cause concern

Trade liberalization, a key dimension of recent globalization, has failed to promote broad structural transformation in developing countries and has instead contributed to increased worldwide inequality, a new United Nations report shows. Read More »

Houthi hostage-taking in Yemen

Arbitrary Detention, Torture, Enforced Disappearance Go Unpunished Yemen: Houthi Officials Kidnap, Demand Ransom Money The Houthi armed group in Yemen has frequently taken hostages and committed other serious abuses against people in their custody. Read More »

A call for justice and action for Myanmar

1. The judgment of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Myanmar: genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity One year ago, on 22 September 2017, the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Myanmar, after hearing persuasive witness and expert testimony at its session held in Kuala Lumpur, found that w ar crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide are being committed in Myanmar1. In ... Read More »