Saturday , July 11 2020
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Burmese police stood by as Buddhists attacked Muslims

Video footage has emerged showing Burmese police standing by as Buddhist mobs wielding sticks and swords attack Muslims in Meikhtila – where last month more than 40 people were killed and 12,000 displaced – on the same day that the EU is expected to permanently lift all sanctions against the country. Read More »

State of Sri Lanka’s Muslims

After a series of attacks on mosques, wild rumours about animal slaughter and an attempt to outlaw the halal system of classification, the BBC’s Charles Haviland investigates how Sri Lanka’s Muslim minority is being targeted by hardline Buddhists. Read More »

Iraq: 10 years of unlearned lessons

The repercussions from the catastrophic Iraq war continue to reverberate around the world in various ways. Ten years on, fundamental lessons have not been learnt as Britain still insists on becoming embroiled in conflicts in Muslim countries. The latest is Mali at a time when it seeks to withdraw its troops from the quagmire caused in Afghanistan. Read More »

Charging Passengers by Weight. Good idea?

Should bigger passengers pay more to fly on Samoa Air? Flying has long lost its glamour appeal for a bevy of reasons—among them the pesky charges airlines impose on baggage, meals and pillows—some air carriers charge to pick your own seat ahead of time. Now Samoa Air has stepped into new territory: the tiny South Pacific airline has a new ... Read More »

How bird flocks work

Flocks of birds and how they seem to move together have always fascinated any observer of them. New research from the Universities of Exeter and Cambridge reveals for the first time that, contrary to current models used to explain the movement of flocks, the differences between bird species and social relationships between individuals play a critical role in determining the ... Read More »

European Parliament resolution on situation in Bangladesh

The European Parliament, – having regard to its previous resolutions on Bangladesh, in particular those of 17 January 20131, 6 September 20072 and 10 July 20083, – having regard to the Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on partnership and development4, – having regard to the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act passed by the Bangladeshi ... Read More »