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Look at past disasters to prepare for the future: New Report

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery: Are we prepared for the next Pompeii? Washington, May 8 — The great disasters of the past – like the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD or the hurricane that devastated Santo Domingo in 1930 – can provide valuable lessons to help governments and institutions increase the resilience of communities in the face ... Read More »

Testing a low-tech pesticide alternative: Flowers

To make sure more beneficial bugs come to their fields to feed on pests, farmers are planting them homes in the middle of their fields. (Extra bonus: It looks beautiful.) By Adele Peters On a farm near the town of Buckingham, England, a crop of oilseed rape–a plant that would normally make the field a solid yellow color–is planted with ... Read More »

Farewell to the ‘Queen of the Skies’- Boeing 747

Marana, Ariz. (CNN) — For the first time in 48 years, you can’t buy a ticket on a US airline to fly on a Boeing 747. On Wednesday, Delta Air Lines Flight 9771 touched down in Marana, Arizona, an arid boneyard for stored and cannibalized jetliners. A three-hour-and-33-minute journey from Atlanta. Read More »

Dubai’s RTA trialling hydrogen-powered taxis

Dubai’s Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) is trialling the region’s first hydrogen-powered electric vehicles, according to the Dubai Media Office. The Toyota Mirai will be put to the test as part of Dubai’s taxi fleet, in collaboration with Al Futtaim Motors, making Dubai Taxi Corporation the first taxi operator in the Middle East to deploy a hydrogen fuel cell electric ... Read More »

Fungi-resistant potato to save farmers Tk. 100 cr. a year

Dhaka, Dec 13 – Each year farmers in Bangladesh grow close to 10 million tonnes of potato, well surpassing the domestic demand of the tuber crop and export the surplus to 20 countries. But to save the prime vegetable from fungal attacks (potato late blight), farmers in Bangladesh have to foot Tk. 100 crore yearly bills on fungicide sprays. Read More »

Humanoid robot Sophia steals Dhaka’s Digital World show

Sophia, the new sensation of the world, on Wednesday caught Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by surprise as the humanoid robot readily told her about various information relating to the Prime Minister. She met Sophia, the robot that generated quite a buzz among the youth and the artificial intelligence industry around the world, at the inaugural ceremony of four-day long Digital ... Read More »

Scientists mine ‘star scar’ to unlock space secrets

Since early September, the denizens of this normally hushed burg in central France have been serenaded by an industrial drill poking holes around town and pulling up cylinders of rock. That’s because Rochechouart, population 3,800, and its medieval castle are built on top of an astrobleme. “An astrobleme—which literally means ‘star scar’—is the name given to traces left by a ... Read More »

Bangladesh researchers develop new drug for Hepatitis B

Patients infected with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) may get much better and more effective treatment than even before as an advanced prescription medicine, developed by two Bangladeshi researchers, is set to hit local drugstores early next year after getting approval from the drug administration. The two Bangladeshi researchers, also doctors, have developed the breakthrough medicine for treating HBV while a ... Read More »

Japan scientists grow drugs in chicken eggs

Japanese researchers have genetically engineered hens whose eggs contain drugs that can fight serious diseases including cancer, in a bid to dramatically reduce the cost of treatment, a report said Monday. If the scientists are able to safely produce “interferon beta”, a type of protein used to treat illnesses including multiple sclerosis and hepatitis, by rearing the hens, the price ... Read More »

Resolve to give megacities cleaner ‘soot-free’ buses

BYD, Cummins, Scania and Volvo Buses to work with cities to adopt bus fleets equipped with the latest in clean power technologies to tackle climate change and air pollution 20 megacities including Dhaka, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Bogotá, Sao Paulo and Jakarta will benefit from a new global industry commitment developed in partnership with ICCT, UN Environment, C40 Cities, and CCAC Read More »

‘Breakthrough’ mosquito trap uses human smell and heat

London – A mosquito trap that uses a person’s smell combined with warm water and a dark cylindrical shape could transform how the insects are caught in developing countries, say its creators. The trap, developed at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom, collected many more mosquitoes than so-called human landing catches, where collectors gather mosquitoes from their own ... Read More »

Electric vehicles form future of auto industry

Electric cars constitute less than 0.1 percent of the vehicle market today, but the market and regulatory forces all but ensure electric vehicles will be the future of the auto industry. According to the 2016 Global Electric Vehicle Outlook from the International Energy Agency, the global electric car stock has grown rapidly since 2010, from about 2,000 cars in 2005 ... Read More »

‘Bacteria never swim alone, form flocks with algae’

Lund University (Sweden) – Many animal species display flocking behaviour, but the fact that microorganisms do is not as well known. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have now shown that algae and bacteria form flocks at very low concentrations of individuals, a finding that could increase our future understanding of how the organisms infect their host animals. Read More »

Inspiring change: 21 lifelong food heroes

Danielle Nierenberg Building a better food system requires hard work and perseverance. At Food Tank, we are continuously inspired by the people who have dedicated their lives to making food more sustainable, equitable, and nutritious. Food Tank is recognizing these 21 older advocates, innovators, and farmers who are still changing the food system later in their lives. Their contributions to ... Read More »