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Water use innovations ‘crucial’ to face climate change

By IPS World Desk Rome, Jul 5 (IPS) – In the Near East and North Africa region, the per capita renewable water availability is around 600 cubic metres per person per year –only 10 per cent of the world average- and drops to just 100 cubic metres in some countries, the United Nations warned. “Arab states must continue to seek ... Read More »

Hyperloop Hotel, the high-tech lodging and transport of the future?

What if your flight, your car and your hotel were all combined into one luxury, high-tech transit complex? That’s the idea behind Brandan Siebrecht’s Hyperloop Hotel — an inventive solution to 21st century traveling. Siebrecht, a graduate architect at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is this year’s student recipient of the Radical Innovation Award. This annual prize celebrates visionary ... Read More »

China’s ‘straddling bus’ heads for scrap yard

It seemed like a glimpse into the city of tomorrow – but China’s “straddling bus” was riddled by doubts early on and now is headed for the scrap yard. The futuristic idea was a bus that would drive above traffic, allowing other commuter cars to pass underneath. The project was announced last summer to much acclaim but soon ran into ... Read More »

Boeing launches new version of 737 jet

Boeing has maintained the pressure on Airbus, its main rival, with the launch of the biggest version yet of the 737 short-haul jet. The world’s largest commercial aircraft maker announced plans for the 737 Max 10 at the Paris Air Show on Monday. The new variant of the plane can carry up to 230 passengers and already has more than ... Read More »

Agroecology in China’s new ‘Ecological Civilization’

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) convened the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition in 2014 and three regional symposia throughout 2015. Building on the recommendations of these symposia, a multistakeholder International Symposium on Agroecology for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems was organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the ... Read More »

Liquid hydrogen may be way forward for sustainable air travel

Transport makes up around 20 percent of our energy use around the world–and that figure is set to grow, according to the International Energy Agency. With sustainable solutions in mind, a new study published by eminent physicist Jo Hermans in MRS Energy and Sustainability–A Review Journal (MRS E&S) looks at the energy efficiency of current modes of transport–from bicycles to ... Read More »

MIT smartwatch app that detects emotions

MIT researchers have developed new smartwatch software that understands the tone of a conversation, and can tell you if the person is happy, sad, or neutral based on their speech patterns and vitals. The researchers demoed this feature on a Samsung Simband research-friendly wearable, hinting at how future devices could serve as ‘social coaches’ for people with anxiety or Asperger’s ... Read More »

Making bird nests gives Bangladesh families livelihood, self-reliance

Benapole – Weaving decorative bird nests has turned out to be a life changing endeavour for some women in several areas of Jessore Sadar upazila in Southwest Bangladesh as they have become self-dependent by selling the handicraft product. In Kachua, Bahadurpur, Chawlia and Bejpara Bunopara areas of Sadar upazila, around 200 women have been directly involved in the craft. Read More »

Jagadish Chandra’s birth, death anniversary observed at DU

The birth and death anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was observed on Dhaka University (DU) campus in a befitting manner. Marking the anniversary, DU Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Biological Sciences (CASRBS) arranged a discussion meeting at Professor Muzaffar Ahmed Chowdhury auditorium on the campus yesterday, a DU press release said today. DU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr AAMS ... Read More »

Indian coal giant to build 2 new Aussie solar plants

Indian energy giant Adani will begin construction of two new Australian solar plants in 2017 as part of its plan for 1,500 megawatts of solar capacity within five years. Adani said on Friday that one of Australia’s largest solar farms generating between 120 megawatts to 150 megawatts of energy will be built in Australian steel town Whyalla in South Australia ... Read More »

3 win Nobel chemistry prize for tiniest machines

Dhaka (AP/UNB)-Three scientists won a Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for advances in a field that has big hopes for very tiny machines — the smallest ever built. Frenchman Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Scottish-born Fraser Stoddart and Dutch scientist Bernard “Ben” Feringa were honored for making devices the size of molecules, so tiny that a lineup of 1,000 would stretch about the ... Read More »

Head of Google’s self-driving cart hits the road

The chief technology officer for Google’s self-driving car mission announced Friday he would be hitting the road, and that the day marked his last at the company. Roboticist Chris Urmson said in a blog post that after leading the autonomous car team and helping make the leap from research to development,he is “ready for a fresh challenge.” He did not ... Read More »

Ministry to promote new engineers’ innovative ideas: Nasrul

The Power and Energy Ministry will promote innovative ideas of young engineering students through the ‘Energy Research Council’, a newly set up research body of the ministry. State Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid on Tuesday announced this while addressing a roundtable on ‘Industry, Academia & GoB Collaboration: Incubating Youth Innovation – Unlocking the untapped Potential of Power & ... Read More »

Stephen Hawking’s plan to blast a tiny ship to another star

By Ryan Faith This week, on the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first-ever manned spaceflight, Russian internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner and British physicist Stephen Hawking announced a project aimed to send a spacecraft to another star. With lasers! Breakthrough Starshot, as it’s called, has a lot going for it in terms of popular interest: Hawking, starships, lasers, super tiny robots, ... Read More »

Buzz Aldrin plans permanent settlement on Mars

Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the Moon. Now the Nasa veteran, and trained engineer, is setting his sights on another part of our Solar System – Mars. By Sue Nelson 11 April 2016 Buzz Aldrin’s passion is clear for all to see. It’s not the jeans, jacket or unexpected striped red braces, but on the T-shirt. ... Read More »

Ghost like octopus discovered in Hawaii

Scientists have discovered a “ghostlike” octopus in deep water off Hawaii that appears to belong to a previously unknown species, researchers said.A submersible research craft spotted the small, translucent octopus by chance around 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) underwater off Necker Island on the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Archipelago, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.”As the ROV ... Read More »

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth after a year

Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov landed late Monday night in the Kazakhstan desert, NASA and Russian mission control said. Kelly could be seen pumping his fist and giving a thumbs up after being hoisted from the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that brought the trio back. All three underwent field tests immediately after leaving the spacecraft. Kelly has ... Read More »

NASA found fracture in Pluto’s moon

Images from the New Horizon space probe suggest that Pluto’s moon Charon once had a sub-surface ocean that has since frozen and expanded, causing the surface to stretch and fracture, NASA said Friday.Charon’s surface was photographed by the New Horizons’s Lorri (Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager) camera as the spacecraft flew past the moon in July 2015 at a distance of 48,900 ... Read More »

Astronomers record rotation of cloudy ‘super-Jupiter’

In a maiden attempt to decode the rotation of a massive exoplanet, astronomers using Hubble Space Telescope have measured the rotation rate of a cloudy “super-Jupiter” by observing the varied brightness in its atmosphere.The planet called 2M1207b is about four times more massive than Jupiter. It is a companion to a failed star known as a brown dwarf, orbiting the ... Read More »

Hobbits were not humans

Diminutive humans that died out on an Indonesian island some 15,000 years ago were not Homo sapiens but a different species, according to a study published Monday that dives into a fierce anthropological debate.Fossils of Homo floresiensis — dubbed “the hobbits” due to their tiny stature — were discovered on the island of Flores in 2003. Controversy has raged ever ... Read More »

New clues about formation of the moon

It’s the only world besides Earth that man has set foot on. But we still don’t know exactly how it got there.Now, rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts in the late ’60s and early ’70s are providing new clues about how Earth got its moon.Many scientists have long theorized that the moon formed after a planet called Theia crashed ... Read More »