Sunday , July 12 2020
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Corona lockdown prompts bird chirping back in Dhaka City

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has been changing and impacting the lives of almost all the species in the world ever since the virus started taking lives in Wuhan, China. While all the businesses and economic activities are being severely hampered due to the coronavirus, nature is healing from non-stop economic activity – and that has made the ‘almost ... Read More »

Will China’s Wildlife-Consumption Ban Work?

by Federico Varese, Rebecca W.Y. Wong OXFORD – Since the outbreak of COVID-19, which is widely suspected to have emerged from Wuhan’s Huanan Market in December 2019, public-health and animal-rights advocates have been calling for more scrutiny of “wet markets,” where a wide range of live animals are kept in close contact with one another and with people, slaughtered on ... Read More »

Tortoise lays 21 eggs in Sundarban’s Karamjal

A rare species of tortoise known as ‘Batagur Baska’ laid 21 eggs at Tortoise Breeding Centre at Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Centre of the Sundarbans under Khulna district. Md Azad Kabir, in-charge of the breeding centre, said Batagur Baska laid 21 eggs on Friday morning on the edge of a pond. The eggs look like that of ducks, he said, adding ... Read More »

Saving sparrows in cities, one nest at a time

by Nupur Roopa on 25 February 2020• The house sparrow was declared Delhi’s state bird in 2012. • Though facing multiple threats, the sparrow is categorized as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List — a species evaluated as not needing conservation attention. • Rakesh Khatri’s Eco-Roots Foundation has created about 1,00,000 handmade nests and wooden birdhouses from 100% recyclable ... Read More »

900,000 pangolins trafficked worldwide: watchdog

Nearly 900,000 pangolins are believed to have been trafficked worldwide in the past two decades, a wildlife watchdog said Thursday, highlighting the challenge in tackling the illicit trade. As the world’s most heavily trafficked mammal, the creatures are targeted for their body parts which are highly valued in traditional medicine in countries including China and Vietnam, and their meat is ... Read More »

Rare Steppe Eagle rescued in Panchagarh

Panchagarh, Feb 07 – A rare eagle has been rescued from Dhangram in Boda Upazila after it reportedly took toxic food. Photographer Firoz Al Saba of Atwari Upazila, who works for wildlife, is now taking care of the eagle at his house. The bird will be released after treatment. Read More »

Search for rare species as 1bn Australia flames toll feared

New South Wales, AP/UNB, Jan 18 – Australia’s unprecedented wildfires season has so far charred 40,000 square miles (104,000 square kilometres) of brushland, rainforests, and national parks — killing by one estimate more than a billion wild animals. Scientists fearsome of the island continent’s unique and colourful species may not recover. For others, they are trying to throw lifelines. Read More »