Tuesday , June 2 2020
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Good meeting between Bahrain authorities and labourers
Bahrain. Immigration P.R.O head Captain Yusuf Jamal with other Dignataries at the meeting with labourers.

Good meeting between Bahrain authorities and labourers

Happy that not drastic changes are happening due to the Trade Union Awareness, constantly we are Making. As a New year agenda, the Kingdom of Bahraini government authorities mainly Immigration Police, LMRA ( Flexy) Ministry of Labour arranged a law awareness class at the Indian Club premises and it was attended by thousands of members of the workforce.
So for the working classes, it was a good experience, even invalid visa holder’s had an experience of mingling with uniformed authorities, in other words.
They dream as only hunters of these people for deportations, and law-like passport holders need not have to hand over to anybody other than you,
Then about runaway deportations, how they can prove their innocence etc.
The Authorities also had a chance to interact and to have a second thought about their attitudes against Labourers,
We recommend making such meetings on a regular basis so more workers will have self- respect and safe working environment instead of a fearful environment. – A message from Bahrain said