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Groundbreaking new book: Eating planet
Danielle Niremberg

Groundbreaking new book: Eating planet

Danielle Nierenberg
This week, I am participating in an event to launch the new edition of the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation’s (BCFN) groundbreaking book, Eating Planet. Please CLICK HERE to read a free excerpt and learn more.
Eating Planet highlights BCFN’s perspectives and proposals for the sustainability of global agribusiness. The publication addresses three paradoxes in the food system—food waste, the coexistence of malnutrition and obesity, and the overuse of natural resources.
Obesity now costs the global economy US$2 trillion annually. And food waste costs another US$2.6 trillion globally, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Through the contributions of the BCFN advisory board members, alumni researchers, and an international panel of experts, including Carlo Petrini, Shimon Peres, and myself, the new edition of Eating Planet provides a comprehensive tool summarizing business perspectives on the global problems of food sustainability. CLICK HERE to read a free excerpt and learn more.
The following chapters highlight issues such as food’s relationship to global issues like climate change, expanding access to healthy foods, and how the production of food can can work in tandem with what’s beneficial for the environment.
The Challenges of Food by Barbara Buchner, Head of Climate Policy Initiative in Europe
Food for All by Paolo De Castro, Italian politician, economist and agronomist
Food for Sustainable Growth by Carlo Petrini, President of the international association Slow Food
Food for Health by Ricardo Uauy, Professor of Public Health Nutrition at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology
Food for Culture by Shimon Peres, President of Israel from 2007 to 2014
Food Tank’s contribution focuses on the “ingredients” needed for building a sustainable, healthy, just, and fair food system. We highlight the importance of soils as the base for the healthy food system; the need for preventing food loss and food waste in rich and poor countries alike; and why investing in youth and women is vital for the future of food.
The report will be published in several languages, and focuses on the need for decision-making tools to guide further research and innovation in the sector. Eating Planet suggests priority initiatives for decision makers and citizens. Many of these initiatives have already been established by BCFN’s other action platforms, including the Milan Protocol and the Youth Manifesto.
According to Barilla’s Vice President Paulo Barilla, “These proposals can now be used as a starting point to truly correct the imbalances and distortions that are affecting the planet and the life of every one of us.”
Download the book at this link:
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Danielle Nierenberg is President, Food Tank,