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Hate crime again in New York WeightPark: Bangladeshi hurt
Tarek Aziz received serious head injurity after hate attack in New York on Wednesday. Photo. courtesy

Hate crime again in New York WeightPark: Bangladeshi hurt

From Mahfuz Adnan
New York, Oct 02 – Tarek Aziz a Bangladeshi young man became the victim of hate crime at around 2:30 am on Wednesday, October 2, local time at the Khan Street between Liberty Street and Glenmore.
Tarek Aziz who hailed from Chatkhil in Noakhali district of Bangladesh was about to deliver his goods from the Street and Liberty Corner’s Yemeni Groceries when two black men obstructed him on a misdemeanor and attacked him.Some Bangladeshi men from the adjoining house were there within a few minutes moment and he escaped more grievous injuries. The miscreants managed to flee away. The attackers took away the used bicycle along with cash from Tariq Aziz.
Later, an ambulance from the Police and Emergency Department took him to the hospital after first aid. He is currently undergoing treatment at a Jamaica hospital. Tariq Aziz, was severely hit in his head and a lot of blood oozed out. The situation is alarming. Till the filing of this report, the local police could not arrest any of the miscreants.
It may be noted that over the past one month, four hate crime cases have been reported at the same location at WeightPark, New York. Four Bangladeshis were killed in the attacks.
Members of the Bangladeshi community have demanded action against the miscreants.