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Honey Face Mask Recipe to Get Glowing Skin in Quarantine
Honey Face Mask Recipe to Get Glowing Skin in Quarantine

Honey Face Mask Recipe to Get Glowing Skin in Quarantine

Are you missing your salon? Due to the ongoing CoronaVirus quarantine situation it is quite risky to visit a salon for having a facial. But the holy Eid festival is approaching. Who wants to celebrate the Eid day with a dull skin? Having a fresh look both in real life and selfies can make your Eid more special. You might be looking for ways to get glowing skin without visiting a beauty parlor. In this article we are going to discuss DIY honey face mask recipe to get a glowing skin. Don’t worry! These steps are easy-to-follow. And the applied ingredients are mostly available in your kitchen. Stay with us!

Benefits of Honey Face Mask

If you are looking for a simple but effective facial pack, try a honey face mask! Though honey is the main ingredient in this facial process, you will require three more ingredients (Milk, Sugar, and Yogurt) to make the facial more efficient.

Total Required Ingredients

– 3 Tbsps. raw honey

– 2 Tbsps. raw milk

– 1 Tbsp. sugar

– 1 Tbsp. yogurt

Benefits of Honey in Skin Care:

Pure Honey is naturally enriched with antioxidants that fight wrinkles and delays the aging process of the skin. To prepare the honey face pack, you are recommended to apply pure honey otherwise it may not bring the expected result.

Benefits of Milk and Yogurt in Skin Care:

Both dairy milk and Yogurt are commendable sources of lactic acid, which is also known as ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)’ ingredient. The magic of lactic acid not only assists in the removal of dead skin cells but also stimulates the growth of new cells on your skin. This is why Lactic Acid is widely applied in modern skincare products, especially anti-aging face cleansers.

Benefits of Sugar in Skin Care:

Sugar can penetrate the skin cells leaving rejuvenated glowing skin. What is the secret? Sugar is full of Glycolic Acid, which is able to hydrate the skin-cells by absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment. Furthermore, it can preserve the moisture inside the cells of your skin.

How to Prepare Honey Facial Mask at Home

The whole process is composed of three steps. Those are cleansing, scrubbing, and applying a face pack.

Step 1: Prepare and Apply the Honey Cleanser

In the first step we will prepare a cleanser with honey and raw milk.

Required Ingredients

– 1 Tbsp. Raw Honey

– 2 Tbsps. Raw Milk

Take a clean bowl. First, take 1 Tbsp. of raw honey. Then, add 2 Tbsp. of raw milk to the honey. Mix the ingredients properly. Apply some portions on your hand and wait for a moment. Now apply the mixture upon your face and neck. Do the process for 3 to 4 minutes to clean the skin-cells from deep inside. After that, wash your face with normal water.

Step 2: Prepare and Apply to Honey Scrub

In the second step we will make a homemade scrub with honey and sugar.

Required Ingredients

– 1 Tbsp. Raw Honey

– 1 Tbsp. Sugar

Take 1 Tbsp. of raw honey in a clean bowl. Mix one 1 Tbsp. of sugar to the bowl and blend the medley properly. First, try some portion of the mixture upon one hand. Then, apply the combination upon your face and neck area by a clean makeup brush or just fingers. Scrub in a gentle way for about 3 to 4 minutes. Don’t harsh; otherwise the granular property of sugar can hurt your face. Then wash your face again.

Step 3: Prepare and Apply Honey Facial Mask

In the final step, we will apply a face pack with honey and Yogurt.

Required Ingredients

– 1 Tbsp. Raw Honey

– 1 Tbsp. Yogurt

In the final step, take 1 Tbsp. of raw honey in a clean bowl. Add 1 Tbsp. of yogurt to this mix. Stir the mixture properly. Like previous steps try it your hand. Then, apply the whole mixture upon your face and neck area for 5 to 7 minutes. For the best results, let this honey face mask stay for 15 to 20 minutes. In the meantime you can do other tasks. Afterward rinse your face with normal water and see the magic!

Bottom Line

So far we have discussed some easy steps to prepare cleanser, scrubber, and facial mask with honey with some other beneficial ingredients like sugar, raw milk, and yogurt. Apply the mixture upon your hand before trying on your face. Beware of applying if you experience any rash or irritation. The honey face mask can’t make your fair over the night but it can certainly rejuvenate your skin offering a nice glow. Eid Mobarak!.UNB