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Iffat Binta Aziz- it’s her time!
Iffat Binta Aziz

Iffat Binta Aziz- it’s her time!

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On television screen she is a very popular and famous presenter. She begun hher carrier as a presenter of a programme of her university cultural functgion at the Asian University campus.Now she is a news presenter of Ekushey Television.
Iffat Binta Aziz was born in Dhaka. She came in front of tv camera in a program of bangladeshi news channel CSB telivision, in 2005. After one year she joined Ekushey Television. From that time she as been working with several television channels performing in different programmes.

Iffat Binta Aziz2

Iffat Binta Aziz2

Besides television she performs in different stage programmes as a presenter. In recognition of her great job she obtained several awards fron different private organisations. last year she got an award from ‘Rapid PR Bangladesh’.
At the present Iffat Binta Aziz is passing busy time with a Canadian Bangali online TV channel. She is the prime presenter of this channel.
Besides working with Ekushey Television she was also anchor of several programme of Canada based bangali online tv channels.
To be a successful presenter Iffat Binta Aziz always runs after motionless to carry out herself. – From Himu Akram in North Carolina, USA.