Friday , November 15 2019
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Islami Bank Hajj booth in service to Hajj Pilgrims
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Islami Bank Hajj booth in service to Hajj Pilgrims

Dhaka, Aug 9 – Ashkona Hajjcamp is resounded by the footsteps of Hajj pilgrims. Hajj pilgrims are completing formalities before their flights. Glimpse of joyous faces of pilgrims, dressed in white ‘Ihram’ (dress for hajj pilgrims) are visible inside the Hajjcamp. The utmost desire of performing hajj is reflected in their eyes. How mesmerized they are by their emotions! Leaving family and relatives home, they are set to navigate to far Arab to respond the call of the Almighty Allah. All are nourishing the desire of becoming as innocent as a newborn baby. Haji camp is resounded with ‘Labbaik Allahahuma Labbaik’ sound. Most of the pilgrims come from the countryside where banking services like dollar exchange and passport endorsement are rare. They feel comfort to complete these formalities at the last moment. Like every year, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has set up Hajj booth inside the Hajjcamp for the convenience of the Hajj pilgrims. A team of skilled officers of the bank is providing the service of Riyal and Dollar exchange & passport endorsement from 9.00 A. M to 8.00 P.M.
Food money of Government managed Hajj pilgrims is also provided from the IBBL booth. IBBL alone has been providing this service to 6500 hajj pilgrims. Beside banking services, IBBL is providing Hajj related gift items like stone and passport carrying bags, Hajj book and umbrella. An ATM booth has also been set up at the IBBL Hajj booth. Microbus service is provided for other Hajj related activists from Islami Bank. IBBL conducts a special campaign of Hajj card which will enable the Hajj pilgrims to draw Riyal in cash and purchase from POS in KSA. The Hajj card also offers a free Robi SIM with roaming facilities at affordable cost.
Islami Bank hajj booth is rejuvenated with the idea that, Hajj pilgrims are the guests of Allah (SWT). Hajj booth service of Islami bank will be continued till the last Hajj flight.
With a view to observe the activities and services of the Hajj booth, IBBL top Executives pay regular visit to the booth and exchange views with the Hajj pilgrims. – Press release