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Jute yield, market price low in Faridpur

Jute yield, market price low in Faridpur

Faridpur district sees harvesting of jute by the growers in a flamboyant mood but its
production, despite going beyond target, could not come up to the amount to satisfy them.
Both yield of jute and its market price have remained low in the district, famous for
producing highest amount of the crop in the county, much to the frustration to the
Sources at the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) in Faridpur said a target was
set to bring about 73,610 hectares of land under jute cultivation in the district this year to
produce 8,2,122 bale jute (1 bale is equal to five maunds).
During a visit to different villages under Madhukhali upazila, the UNB correspondent
saw farmers passing busy time harvesting and processing jute in hot weather.
They were found separating fiber from jute plants and drying the stalks in the sun.
But, the growers who have already harvested their jute expressed dissatisfaction over the
low yield of the crop and attributed it to unfavourable weather and lack of good quality
seeds during the cultivation period.
Bhaskar Chakraborty, deputy director of local DAE office, also admitted that there has
not been good production of jute this year.
On the contrary, he said jute production exceeded target this year due to favourable
weather and availability of good quality seeds during cultivation.
The growers said varying from qualities, the harvested jute was selling at Tk1100 to
Tk1500 per maund in different jute markets of the district in the current week.
However, newly harvested jute was being sold at Tk1120 to 1550 at the government
buying centres.
Expressing frustration over the low market price of the golden fibre, the growers said jute
mills were yet to start buying jute.
Besides, they said government buying centres were not sufficient at all jute markets for
purchasing the crop, adding, that the middlemen were buying jute from them at cheaper
prices taking the chance.
Rochbel, a middleman at Kamarkhali jute market, said they are now purchasing jute
targeting to make little profit as they are likely to face losses if the present market price
of jute remains unchanged. -UNB, Faridpur