Khalada calls for anti-terrorism unity

Khalada calls for anti-terrorism unity


Strongly denouncing the Gulshan terror attack, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday called upon all, irrespective of party and opinion, for forging unity against terrorism without further delay. “Let’s build a peaceful, democratic and safe Bangladesh by forging an anti-terrorism unity forgetting all divisions among us,” Khaleda told a press briefing at her Gulshan office after a meeting of her party’s standing committee.

“It’s no longer a big issue who will be there in power. Now the country and the nation are at stake. No achievement will sustain if we can’t resist terrorism and ensure safety of people’s lives,” she added. At least 28 people, including 20 foreigners and Bangladeshis, six attackers and two senior police officials were killed as terrorists attacked Holey Artisan Bakery restaurant in the city’s Gulshan diplomatic zone on Friday night. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.

Voicing her anger over the attack, Khaleda said she cannot summon words to condemn the incident. “We’re deeply shocked and aggrieved. The killing of peace-loving and innocent people in any pretext is not a sign of soundness. We express our strong hatred towards this perversion.” She said no person of conscience can accept such cowardice attack and killing of innocent people. “It’s not possible to achieve anything by resorting to such illogical, cruel, imprudent and wrong path.”

Mentioning that no religion and ideology supports ‘mindless terrorist acts’, the BNP chief said Islam as a peace-loving religion and it is deadly against terrorism and killing of innocent people. Khaleda said the peace-loving people of Bangladesh and the world community are concerned over the incident as it has exposed the country’s security weakness and faults as well as the terrorists’ capability.


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