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Latiraj Kachu gaining wide popularity in Jhalakati

Latiraj Kachu gaining wide popularity in Jhalakati

Farmers switching to it for cost-effectiveness
Farming of Latiraj Kachu, a variety of arum which has ever been grown
in greater northern region, has seen a wide expansion in greater
Barisal region, including Jhalakati, in the last one year.
Farmers of the region are opting for the vegetable’s production for
its cost-effectiveness.
It needs comparatively smaller quantity of land and less expenditure
to cultivate the vegetable than other arum varieties.
Profit from it is also relatively higher, said farmers. Storm, rain or
flood cannot do any harm to the crop.
Expansion of its cultivation started with developing 60 demonstration
plots on 30 bighas of land in four upazilas of the district in 2012
under the Coordinated Agriculture Productivity Project of the
Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).
Seeing it profitable, farmers are collecting saplings of the arum
variety from the DAE and cultivating it on their own.
They are getting profit by cultivating it on fallow lands.
This year, the farmers cultivated Latiraj Kachu on about 100 acres of
land in the district.
Leaves shooting out of the arum roots are selling at Tk40 per kg.
The arum contains more calorie and iron than other varieties.
On one bigha of land, 2,000 to 2,500 saplings of arum can be planted.
According to DAE, 25 to 30 tonnes of arum leaf can be produced from
one hectare of land.
Besides, eight to ten saplings stem out from one arum plant and
farmers can earn extra money by selling the saplings.
It costs Tk5,000 to Tk 7,000 to produce arum on one bigha while
farmers can earn more than Tkone lakh.
It does not require too much fertiliser.
Saplings of the arum variety are planted in the months of Baishakh and Jaistha.
Ideal and hard working farmer Nayan Sikdar of Bikna village of
Jhalakati Sadar upazila took lease of 1.5 bigha fallow land adjacent
to his house and cultivated Latiraj Kachu.
Nayan said so far he sold arum of
Tk40,000 and he will earn more than Tk one lakh by selling its leaves.
So far he spent Tk7000 for cultivation.
Due to cyclone Mahasen and subsequent flood, his crops worth Tk one
lakh were damaged in two phases.
He took loan from BRAC bank.
Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Jhalakati Tanima Rani Biswas
said the farmers are getting more profit by cultivating Latiraj arum
on small quantity of land.-UNB, Jhalakati