Sunday , July 12 2020
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Local fruits disappearing fast in Narsingdi

Local fruits disappearing fast in Narsingdi

Different varieties of local fruits are disappearing fast in the district due to adverse impact of climate change, use of agro-chemical in the ground and want of planning on production.Earlier, there were various indigenous fruits like Gab, Deowa, Kathbal, Safeda, Kao, Dalim, Black-bery, Rose-bery, Olive, Tamarind, Star-apple, Casterd-apple Chalta, Shorifa and Kamranga.Production of these fruits are declining day-by-day due to lack of plan on plantation, production and marketing. Besides, increasing population and construction of new houses forced declining of trees of these fruits. Moreover, villagers are now planting wood saplings instead of local varieties of fruits in their garden for more profit.
Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Narsingdi, Latafat Hossain said due to climate change, air-pollution and indiscriminate use of agri-chemical and pesticides in the garden decreasing local varieties of fruits in the country.He said the DAE encouraging the villagers for planting more local varieties of fruit bearing trees. -BSS, Narsingdi