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Locals demand Minni’s arrest over Rifat Sharif murder

Locals demand Minni’s arrest over Rifat Sharif murder

Barguna, July 14 (UNB) – Alleging that she had a part to the gruesome murder of her husband Rifat Sharif who was hacked to death in front of her, locals here on Sunday demanded the arrest of Aysha Siddika Minni.

The demand was made from a human chain formed on the Barguna Press Club premises in the morning.

However, Minni dismissed the allegation and described it as propaganda to protect the killers.

Huge people, including Rifat’s father Dulal Sharif, took part in the human-chain programme held around 10am.

Speakers alleged that Minni was involved in the killing of her husband Rifat.

On Saturday night, Dulal Sharif at a press conference demanded the arrest of Minni to investigate whether she had colluded with the killers.

He alleged that Minni concealed the matter that she was previously married to Sabbir Ahmed alias Nayon Bond, the prime accused who was killed in a reported gunfight with police on July 2. She used to visit Nayon’s house frequently.

Besides, instead of trying to protect Rifat on the day, she was busy with herself and even ‘helped the killers’, according to Dulal.

Soon after the human chain, Minni arranged a press conference at her father’s house around 12 noon when she claimed that propaganda was being spread against her to protect the murderers. “My father-in-law (Dulal Sharif) is sick and he has no balance.”

She alleged that a vested group has been out to implicate her in the case through misguiding her father-in-law so that the accused get released.

About the claim that she had previously married to Nayon Bond, Minni refuted it, saying, “Why hadn’t Nayon stood in my way when I married Rifat if I had earlier married him?”

Police have so far arrested 13 people in connection with the Rifat murder. Seven of them have confessed to their involvement in the murder.

A video clip the murder captured in a surveillance camera went viral on social media. It showed criminals hacking Rifat Sharif brutally in broad daylight in front of Barguna Govt College while his wife Minni was trying to save him.

Rifat was sent to Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barishal where he died.

Dulal Sharif, the father of Rifat, filed a case against 12 people.