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Meghna bank erosion devours part of Chandpur District town
More areas beside Loknath Temple at Puranbazar in Chandpur town were eroded by Meghna River on Sunday evening. Photo-UNB

Meghna bank erosion devours part of Chandpur District town

Chandpur, Aug 5 (UNB)- Erosion by the Meghna river continues unabated in Harishava area in Puranbazar of the district town, forcing hundreds of people to transfer their belongings to safe areas on Sunday evening.

In a visit to the area, the UNB correspondent found the authorities were trying to stop the erosion by erecting a barrier made of concrete cement blocks, stones, CC blocks and sand-bags to protect the area.

Strong river current, huge waves and onrush of flood waters from upper regions are causing the erosion, said the Water Development Board Executive Engineer Abu Raihan and Sub Assistant Engineer Ashrafuzzaman Khan.

The correspondent on Sunday evening witnessed Meghna devouring the basements of four Hindu temples along with other houses in Harishava Road.

Contacted, Engineer Mohammad Rafiqullah told UNB that they have placed 2,500 geo bags at vulnerable points till 6 pm on Sunday.

Sub-Assistant Engineer Ashrafuzzaman Khan, who surveyed the depth of the river, said it was about 45 to 65 feet at different points of the erosion-hit area, and a length of almost 200 metres has been eroded.

Another 500-metre area is under threat of fresh erosion as many cracks have developed at different spots.

Meanwhile, hundreds of curious men, women and children gathered at the erosion-affected sites where police, and DB men were deployed to prevent people from visiting or loitering around vulnerable points.

Local Councilor Md Ali Majhee said at least 35 families have lost their homes so far due to the erosion along 200 metresof the town protection embankment.

Many families are on the verge of becoming homeless, he added.