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Mindset towards UP Women Members changing

Mindset towards UP Women Members changing

Despite of disparity, negligence and obstacles, empowerment of female members in reserved seats in Union Parishads has started getting momentum which is good sign of their effective participation to social development process.The success has been achieved through implementation of diversified promotional activities by both government and non-government organizations concerned in the district.With this breakthrough, their evaluation has been rising in the Parishad’. Mindset of the male colleagues towards them has started changing to some extent besides overcoming the previous scenario, said Shamima Begum, a member of Huzripara UP in Paba Upazila.Participation of women members in the reserved seats in the LGIs activities is being ensured to some extent thereby local development is being attained. However, participation of the reserved seated female members has not improved to the cherished level, she added.Shamima mentioned that amendment to the existing law besides more awareness building can contribute to ensure hundred-percent empowerment that is very important to establish an effective women representation.Nazrul Islam, Chairman of Haripur UP in Paba Upazila, said participation of women members side by side with their male colleagues to different development activities was enhanced. In his UP, the women members got responsibilities of project implementation.Different government and non-government organizations organize training and advocacy programmes for the female members on how they will conduct the meetings of ward and standing committees and discharge their duties effectively.Apart from this, they are availing scopes of participating in various other knowledge-sharing meetings and seminars frequently which is very effectual for them in terms of performing their regular duties.Prof Mokbul Hossain, Chairman of Paba Upazila, said the women members are now performing their duties towards successful implementation of LGSP effectively. But their hundred-percent participation couldn’t be attained. More training and awareness programmes are needed to obtain desired yield in this vital sector.
He mentioned that the Union Parishad Law has been passed in 2009 but itsrules are yet to be formulated. For this reason, their duties and responsibilities haven’t been specified as yet. He, however, said various non-government organizations are working for enhancing awareness among the women members.Prof Mokbul viewed that the women representatives should attain political empowerment through their regular activities so that they can enable to move to the national politics in phases and that is very important for institutionalization of democracy.Mejbah Uddin Chowdhury, Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi, said standing committees were constituted in all 71 UPs in the district and step has been taken to make the women-headed committees more functional and effective for raising their empowerment.  UP is the nearest and closest institution of the grassroots communities
especially for the poor and extreme-poor people and they take shelter in it when they face any problem relating to their normal life. So, there is no alternative to empower and strengthen the local body and its elected public representatives especially the women in reserved seats.Many government and non-government agencies concerned are working to build confidence, knowledge and capacity of elected women representatives and encourage network of mutual support so that they can fulfill their obligations to their voters, the DC added. -BSS, Rajshahi