Nakshi Kantha in ZEE Bangla TV sans Poet Jasimuddin mention

Nakshi Kantha in ZEE Bangla TV sans Poet Jasimuddin mention


I have been watching Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha in ZEE Bangla TV. It is the love story between Sabnam and Yash which has enticed me to watch this TV serial. Anyone can write on the theme but it is morally wrong to steal the theme without any acknowledgement of

the famous epic by Jasimuddin’s Nakshi Kanthar Math yet the title song itself speaks of Nakshi Kanthar Math.

Hasna Jasimuddin Moudud.

Hasna Jasimuddin Moudud.
The present story has also borrowed or stolen theme from Jasimuddin’s other epic Shojon Badiar Ghat, a love story between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy which ends in a tragedy. I am very pleased that the actors have given life to the story but I hope the producers will come forward and acknowledge the truth and pay respect to the unparalleled love story written by Poet Jasimuddin who has also given the Bengalis ‘Kabor’.
I appeal to West Bengal CM to intervene to ask the producers to acknowledge from where the story was inspired or borrowed. Also, the depiction of conservative Muslim society is not correct. It will create misunderstanding between Hindu and Muslims and may put further strain on their relationship.
The producer also claims she dreams of united Bengal which can never be. A stolen story badly interpreted can only bring more tragedy to the lives of the minority. My congratulations to actress Rajlakkhi and Manali Dey and actor Sumon Dey for their compassion and depiction of the spirit of the story.
Hasna Jasimuddin Moudud


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